Fortnite leak reveals new LTMs coming for Summer Splash event

Connor Bennett

A fresh Fortnite leak has revealed the content schedule for the Summer Splash event, what limited-time modes are going to be released and when Epic will do so.

The Summer Splash has taken the place of the much-loved 14 Days of Fortnite – though, it is lasting much longer. The lengthy event allows Epic Games to drop some all-new content for the summer season, keeping the battle royale feeling fresh when things could start feeling like they’re getting a little stale. 

New cosmetics have already started filtering out and while the developers have announced some of the limited-time modes that are making a return, there are plenty of others still unannounced.

Yet, Fortnite leakers have been able to get their hands on them, and have even revealed when they will be released.

The Summer Splash event will last until Season 3 is over.

The information comes courtesy of reliable Fortnite data miner iFireMonkey, who posted the LTM and content release schedule on July 6.

The insider pointed out that in the coming weeks, LTMs like High Explosive, Close Encounters, Sniper Shootout, and Unvaulted will make their way into Fortnite. 

Sticking with the latter set – Close Encounters, Sniper Shootout, and Unvaulted – these will all get multiple variants added. So, in the case of Close Encounters, it should first release as a Duos event before turning a page and moving into squads. Sniper Shootout is the only one of the three that will have solos.

Although iFireMonkey has been incredibly reliable for Fortnite leaks previously, he does point out that the dates could be changed by Epic. Though, usually, once everything is set in the game’s files, they don’t usually change.

The leaker also pointed out that more limited-time modes will be added with the upcoming v13.30 patch. This should be the update where cars are introduced to Fortnite, too, and the date for that has apparently been set for July 21. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.