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Fortnite Season 3 leak reveals in-depth look at six upcoming vehicles

Published: 7/Jul/2020 4:29

by Brad Norton


Fortnite Season 3 is gearing up for the release of six new vehicle types and a huge leak has revealed all of the features that will be coming alongside them.

As first spotted in the Season 3 launch trailer, many new vehicles are coming soon to Epic’s hugely popular Battle Royale. From trucks to taxis and plenty more, dedicated players have been speculating when they might be able to find the new additions in-game.

A recent leak outed that the cars will be dropping into Fortnite on July 21. Just 24 hours later, now even more information has slipped through the cracks. Additional leaks have uncovered everything from vehicle health to brand new fuel mechanics.


All of the upcoming cars have a deeper set of features than previous vehicles in Fortnite. They’ll have a set amount of fuel that drains over time and new gas pumps will be scattered throughout the map, allowing players to refuel if they’re running on empty.

Divided into four distinct categories, the vehicles are defined as: Trucks, Smalls Cars, Medium Cars, and Large Cars. Each of these comes with its own unique statistics. Some are more fuel-efficient, while others can sustain more damage.

While you can hop in and instantly start driving any of these vehicles, you’ll need to be cautious of your fuel consumption. Every second that you’re driving, fuel will be burned at a pretty staggering rate. This is to ensure that players can’t stay in the one vehicle forever. Not without finding a gas pump, at least.


Large Cars will have the greatest fuel capacity of any new vehicle type, capable of holding 150 fuel, 50 more than any other car. However, it also burns through fuel quicker than any other car as well. Simply driving at a regular speed will cost 0.75 fuel per second. Meanwhile, boosting will run you 9 fuel per second. With a full tank of gas, this means you’ll only be able to drive Large Cars for roughly 17 seconds while boosting.

Moreover, cars can also run out of fuel if they’ve been hit by opposing players. All of the vehicle types will leak two fuel per second if they are damaged. Shooting even a Common weapon at a vehicle could be well worth your time. Draining the fuel of your opponents is a surefire way to have them bail from their car. 


Fortnite Season 3 cars driving through the map
Epic Games
Fortnite’s Season 3 launch trailer showcased many of these upcoming vehicles.

Basic Cars, Basic Trucks, Big Rigs, Police Cars, Taxi Cabs, and Sports Cars will all be dropping into Fortnite Season 3 on July 21. There’s no telling exactly where they may spawn, nor how many will appear in each game. However, Epic has clearly designed them with trade offs in-place. 

While they will help you get across the map quickly, fuel will eventually run out. It’s going to be a balancing act getting the most out of the new cars. Keep your eyes peeled for our guides once the vehicles are available.