Fortnite devs respond to claims Lazy Lake’s Floating Rings are missing

Andrew Amos
Floating Rings at Lazy Lake in Fortnite

Some Fortnite players have reported the Floating Rings at Lazy Lake have disappeared, making it impossible to complete a Week 3 challenge. Epic is aware of the issue, and are working on a fix.

Floating Rings have appeared above Lazy Lake in Fortnite recently. They aren’t just there for show ⁠— they are key for completing a challenge in Week 3 of the Season 3 battle pass.

However, for some players, they have been non-existent. Players have reported the rings glitching out and not appearing around Lazy Lake in any of the positions they should be.

Fortnite Floating Rings at Lazy Lake
Some players haven’t been able to see the Floating Rings at Lazy Lake.

This, obviously, has put players in a pickle in completing this week’s challenges. It’s worth 35,000 XP, which may not seem like a lot, but given how much of a grind the later stages of the battle pass is, it all adds up.

Thankfully, it’s not a case of the Rings not spawning in some games, leaving it up to chance. Epic have acknowledged the problem, and even devised a reason why they are disappearing, although no fix has been shipped yet.

Epic clarified that while the Floating Rings still exist, they sometimes don’t process on players’ screens. This is often because of low graphics settings rendering it out.

“We’re aware that Floating Rings for Floating Ring Challenges may not be visible on some platforms with lower settings. The Rings are still present, however,” they said on Twitter.

Epic noted that the problem is currently being experienced on Mobile and PC, so PS4, Xbox, and Switch players shouldn’t have to worry about the invisible rings.

The developers, however, didn’t note whether it was just the Lazy Lake Rings that were disappearing, or if it was happening across the map. The Rings have been spawning all over the Season 3 map, but it’s only the Lazy Lake ones that count for this week’s challenge.

If you are wondering how to complete this Week 3 challenge though, we’ve got a guide for you. The positions are all mapped out too ⁠— so even if you can’t see the Rings, you should be able to find them. Finish it in the next couple of days, and 35,000 XP is yours.

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