Fortnite leak reveals Midas’ thievery across all seasons

Joe Craven

A recent Fortnite battle royale leak indicates some seriously mischievous behavior on behalf of Midas, the head of Chapter 2’s The Agency. But what does it all mean?

Midas was added to Fortnite Chapter 2 back in February, with the inception of Season 2. A mysterious character, his gold touch mechanism can give any weapon or vehicle a shiny gold wrap.

He is named after King Midas from Greek mythology. The story is intended as a warning of greed, as Midas’ ability quickly became a curse and he accidentally turned his daughter into a gold statue. It seems that Fortnite is indeed following this tale if recent leaks are anything to go by.

Midas in Fortnite at The Agency
Midas in Fortnite.

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With fans waiting to see what narratives Epic have in store for them, leaks are the best way to keep up to date with what might be round the corner. Some leaks have pointed to a doomsday device, with a number of hatches appearing around The Agency.

These leaks come by way of @spedicey, who has shared a quick peek inside Midas’ secret room. It certainly looks like he’s been up to some thievery, with a number of helmets and headgear on display.

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This introduction video has been compounded by a number of other leaks, which cement the video as accurate.

These other leaks come from @InsidetheBattleBus, who shared an image of all the golden heads that Midas is hoarding. Long-time fans of Fortnite will recognize a host of characters from all seasons of Epic Games’ building BR, including: Tomatohead, Lynx and Beef Boss.

The collection of helmets spans numerous Fortnite seasons.

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Given his dastardly thieving, it’s hard to imagine Midas is not at least a pawn in some overarching evil scheme.

We’ll have to wait and see how this progresses, but it certainly looks like the heads are part of a wider narrative that will come to fruition when Season 2 ends.

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