Bugha explains how Fortnite should fix controller aim assist issues

Sentinels/Epic Games

Fortnite superstar Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf has explained how Epic Games can fix the battle royale’s aim assist issues by laying out two ideas for possible changes. 

As Fortnite has cross-platform play and optional inputs, controller users can take on keyboard and mouse players, and there have been endless debates about what Epic Games can do to balance aim assist versus normal aiming. 

The developers of the battle royale game made a pretty big change on March 13, removing the legacy aim assist option from the game’s settings. However, some players like Bugha are still hoping that they go even further and make another balancing change to level the playing field. 

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Bugha lifting Fortnite World Cup trophy 2019Epic Games
Bugha still stands as one of the top Fortnite pros in the competitive scene.

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The Fortnite World Cup solo champion laid out his two ideas for changes via Twitter on April 2, showing how he’d change things for both controller players and keyboard and mouse users. 

“Option one, Mouse and Keyboard: Same recoil as controller. Remove Scroll wheel reset. Controller – Lower aim assist strength,” Bugha tweeted as his first idea.

The Sentinels star followed that up with another option, suggesting that keyboard and mouse players could have the same recoil as a controller while retaining the scroll wheel reset. As for controller users, they would have lower aim assist strength but have a one-button reset option like the scroll wheel.

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Some players quickly jumped on board with the World Cup winner’s ideas, suggesting that the better of Bugha’s two was the second option. 

Yet, others pointed out that keyboard and mouse users would benefit from either option much more than controller users.

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While professional stars like Bugha can chime in with their own ideas, the final say on any changes comes from Epic and it is difficult to say as to whether or not they have anything in the works. 

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It still remains to be seen as to whether or not they will address the aim assist balance in the near future.

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