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All Fortnite map changes from Deadpool event

Published: 3/Apr/2020 16:09

by Connor Bennett


The Deadpool-themed takeover is now live in Fortnite, with a few other changes being dotted around the Battle Royale map. 

Throughout the history of Fortnite, Epic Games have dropped some pretty interesting crossovers with pop culture icons – be it skins like Stranger Things, a limited-time mode like Avengers: Endgame, or a full-blown new map spot like Batman. 

At the start of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2, Marvel’s Deadpool became the newest crossover with the battle royale – as fans have been tasked with different challenges throughout the weeks. Now, though, the anti-hero superhero is available as a skin thanks to his own event. 


Epic Games / Marvel
The Deadpool event had been teased by Marvel themselves.

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Deadpool-themed The Yacht location

The Deadpool event hit the map on Friday, April 3, with the biggest change coming at The Yacht. Where Meowscles used to stand guard, a full Deadpool-themed layout has now taken over. 

That includes a tonne of Deadpool logos being splashed about the place, a red-painted scheme being implemented, as well as a few giant Deadpool statues all over too – including at the very top of the ship. There is even a spot for his Chimichangas at the back as well. 

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Deadpool-themed Battle Bus, Item Shop, and supply drops

Just like when Christmas and Halloween roll around, the Battle Bus, supply drops, and Item Shop in Fortnite have also been given a makeover. 


Instead of their patented blue and white colors, both the bus and drops have been painted red and black, as well as having a giant Deadpool balloon soaring above them. The Item Shop, however, just has the character’s logo for a background. 

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Fortnite Meowscles location in Deadpool event

However, for anyone wondering what has happened to Meowscles in the midst of Deadpool’s takeover, don’t worry, the character is still on the map.

According to Reddit user SuperJuniorLogan, instead of heading to The Yacht to fight the NPC for the Pew Pew rifle, you’ll have to head to the Box Factory in the south-east portion of the map to take the Musclebound cat on in a fight. 


However, it might take you a minute to recognize the boss character considering he’s now got a slightly different look going on.

I found Meowcles in the box factory! from FortNiteBR

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The Deadpool event will last for around a week so there is a bit of time to enjoy the festivities and all the changes.

If there are any further tweaks to the Fortnite map because of Deadpool, you’ll be able to find them right here on Dexerto.