Fortnite leaker claims highly-requested Inventory feature is in development

Alan Bernal

A popular fan-requested inventory feature could finally be making its way to Fortnite that would give people a streamlined way of sorting their items.

Epic Games have been giving their battle royale players a ton of new content to go through in Season 7 with the new Invasion theme that’s been taking over the island.

The new season also gave players more weapons in the Fortnite arsenal in the IO Tech guns, which only expands the BR’s long list of arms. Of course, with more weapons comes the need to sort them in the hectic battle royale.

For a long time, Fortnite players have been dreaming of a system that would easily sort your weapons into appropriate spots based on individual preferences, and it appears one may be in the works!

This would allow the game to automatically sort pick-up items in specific slots depending on where you want your AR to be, your shotgun, etc.

“Epic is most likely working on a setting to automatically place items types in the slot that you want,” notable leaker HYPEX said. “For example when you pick up a shotgun it’ll automatically place it in slot #3 or whichever you want. A ‘Preferred Slot Item Type’ feature is being worked on since 17.00!”

A feature like this in Fortnite has been requested by many, with hopes of officially having it in the game sparked as early as 2019 when a member at Epic simply said the team would investigate the idea.

Even before that, players have created mock-ups about how it would look like in the game, but without any news of that front.

A Preferred Slot Item Type could help sort Fortnite player’s inventory amid the chaos.

A feature like this could help one of the most annoying issues in Fortnite that has players individually sorting their gear after looting or scavenging a fallen player’s items. As well, sorting your inventory can be especially tricky when playing on a controller compared to PC, as it takes a significantly longer amount of time to drag and drop items.

Epic has yet to confirm any such system so take it with a grain of salt, but Fortnite players have been clamoring for a Preferred Slot Item Type feature for a while.

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