Fortnite: How to complete “Destroy an Ice Shard and deal damage to the Ice Legion” | Ice Storm challenges locations

Day four of Fortnite Battle Royale‘s Ice Storm event is here and that means there are two more challenges made available for players to complete.

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The two challenges, eight and nine of the Ice Storm event, require players to deal 2,000 points of damage to the Ice Legion in a single match and destroy an Ice Shard in ten different matches.

The Ice Legion is the army of various zombie-like creatures that spawn on the map and try to inflict damage upon players. Conveniently, they all spawn from large Ice Shards that can be found sticking out of the ground at certain points on the map.

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The best tactic for completing these challenges is to land at Wailing Woods since it almost always has an Ice Shard in the middle of the maze and also since a lot of people don’t usually land there.

A smart idea is to wait until the Ice Legion monsters start spawning in then go for destroying them and the Ice Shard at the same time, knocking out both challenges in a single go. 

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Epic GamesDuring the Ice Storm, there is always an Ice Shard that appears in the middle of the maze in Wailing Woods.

Obviously, if a player lands near and Ice Shard straightaway, they will have to use whatever weapon or lethal item they may find to try and complete the challenges.

For those who decide to land where they regularly would and loot up first, there are several good weapons or items of choice they can use for these quests.

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One good option is the Fiend Hunter Crossbow, which has unlimited ammo and put in the game specifically to be used against the Ice Legion. Other good choices are Assault Rifles, Pistols, and Explosive Weapons, as using those would help gain progress on previous challenges at the same time. 

The Mounted Turret and Dynamite can also be very powerful in this instance as they could be used to swiftly destroy the Ice Shard and the Ice Legion that spawns. 

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These challenges can be easily completed at the same time as the Ice Legion always spawn from Ice Shards.

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