Fortnite: How to complete the Ice Storm Challenges

The Fortnite Ice Storm has arrived and brought along some big map changes and challenges. Find out how to complete the Ice Storm Challenges in Fortnite.

Of the 13 total Ice Storm Challenges, there are currently three available. Be sure to check back as more are revealed for the best way to complete them all! 

  • Challenge 1: Complete 6 Challenges – This one is fairly straight forward of course, and will take some time since not every challenge is available.
  • Challenge 2: Destroy Ice Fiends – You will need to defeat 250 Ice Fiends to complete this Ice Storm Challenge. The Ice Fiends are essentially the zombies from past Fortnite events and can be found scattered around the map, which is now covered in snow.
  • Challenge 3: Deal Damage with explosive weapons to the Ice Legion – In order to quickly unlock the first two Ice Storm Challenges, you can take out Ice Fiends with explosive weapons. You will need to deal 5000 damage to the Ice Legion to unlock this challenge and doing so should also come close to completing the 250 Ice Fiends step. 
  • Challenge 4: Destroy Ice Brutes. You will need to destroy 100 Brutes to complete this challenge, which you can do with an explosive weapon to also help you progress in the third challenge.
  • Challenge 5: Deal 10,000 damage with Assault Rifles or Pistols to the Ice Legion. 
  • Challenge 6: Destroy 150 Ranged Ice Fiends – Guide
  • Challenge 7: Destroy 20 Golden Ice Brutes – Guide
  • Challenge 8: Deal 2,000 damage to the Ice Legion in a single match – Guide
  • Challenge 9: Destroy an Ice Shard in 10 different matches – Guide
  • Challenge 10: Destroy 100 elite members of the Ice Legion 
  • Challenge 11: Deal 10,000 damage with Shotguns or SMGs to the Ice Legion

Completing six Ice Storm Challenges will award you with the Blue Metallic Wrap, an uncommon item. You can take a look at the Blue Metallic Wrap below.

The Ice Storm Challenges will give you a nice Wrap.

Once you complete 13 challenges, you will unlock an amazing looking glider, called the Winter’s Thorn. So pick up some grenades, find the Ice Legion and you will be well on your way to unlocking all the Ice Storm Challenges in Fortnite.

The Winter’s Thorn is a great reward for the Ice Storm Challenges.

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