How to take zero fall damage using Fortnite’s new Sneaky Snowman item

The new Sneaky Snowman item in Fortnite Battle Royale has several ways that it can be used, including one that not many players may know about.

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Added on January 22 as part of the v7.20 Content Update, the Sneaky Snowman is a decoy item that can either be manually placed somewhere on the map or worn as a disguise.

The Common rarity item has 100 health and can act as a shield to those who choose to wear it, but players cannot build or use other items until the Snowman gets destroyed or they switch to a different item or building mode. 

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However, some of the more keen minds have quickly realized that there is a way to use the Sneaky Snowman to avoid taking fall damage when falling from virtually any height.

As demonstrated by Reddit user ‘Junkertown,’ the secret here is to build a floor structure, manually place the Snowman on it, jump and stand on its head, then edit out the floor structure to cause the Snowman to fall down. 

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The ending result of this method sees the Snowman and the player standing on its head to safely land on the ground below without either taking a lick of fall damage.

The effectiveness of this trick is very situational as it provides a very easy way to get down from great heights without having to burn through resources or valuable mobility items.

While using Glider Redeploy or Balloons also makes sense in these situations, their drop rates have been considerably lowered, which means players might want to save them for emergency fall damage prevention or directional aerial travel, since Snowmen can’t be used in either scenario anyway. 

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It’s not clear whether this was an intended effect of the Sneaky Snowman when it was added into the game, and if it’s not, Epic Games will likely adjust it to remove fall damage prevention from the item’s repertoire.

Until then, if you find yourself carrying some in your inventory, better put them to good use! 

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