Fortnite: First footage of the Infinity Blade in action shows how insanely powerful it is

David Purcell

A lot of new content was added to Fortnite withe the launch of Season 7, but first footage of the Infinity Blade in action suggests it might be one of the most exciting weapons yet. 

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Usually you see several people dropping near the same chest at the start of the game, and there’s hundreds of those across the map. 

However, there is only going to be one of these swords between potentially 100 players per game. If you can manage to grab onto it, you will be rewarded with 200 health and 200 shield. 

Every time the player with the Infinity Blade gets a kill, the shield will be replenished as well. So, you can already imagine the carnage at the castle on Polar Peak as people will definitely fight for the chance to use it. 

Check out the clips:

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The Infinity Blade is a slightly later addition to the new season, arriving with the v7.01 patch, yet it has caused quite a large level of excitement among the Fortnite community. 

Epic Games teased the arrival of a sword on December 10, after posting about a weapon ‘fit for a king’ coming to the game’s Battle Royale mode. Now that we know how it looks in game, we can see what the hype was all about.

Infinity Blade comes to Fortnite with v7.01 patch.

The sword’s location, at Polar Peak, is one of the new places introduced by the v7.00 patch to kick off Season 7. If you would like to read the notes for the new v7.01 patch, though, check it out below. 

The Southwest side of the map is now completely covered with snow, which saw the removal of Flush Factory and Greasy Grove, as well as the arrival of several new icy destinations. Happy Hamlet and Frosty Flights have also been added.

Nevertheless, we expect many of you to ignore those two places and drop right over Polar Peak, because something tells us there’s going to be a lot of competition for this Infinity Blade. 

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