How to find the Infinity Blade sword in Fortnite

There is a brand new weapon in Fortnite, added with the v7.01 update – but you will have to fight for it on the map, as the new Infinity Blade can only be found in one spot.

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Shown in the Season 7 trailer, the Infinity Blade will “deal big damage and destroy structures”, reminiscent of Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet which was previously in Fortnite.

Unlike the Infinity Gauntlet however, the blade will be available in regular playlists, not just in its own separate mode.

epic gamesSgt. Winter wielding the Infinity Blade in the Season 7 trailer.
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To get the sword, you will need to head to Polar Peaks, on the south west portion of the map, and head to the medieval castle. You will be best landing directly on the peak from the battle bus, rather than trying to build/climb up.

Once there, you will need to head to the center courtyard, in front of the main entrance, and interact with the blade – but be aware, other players will also be vying for the sword’s power.

Once you have held long enough and pulled the sword out, you will immediately be given 200 health and 200 shield, so you should be able to deal with any nearby enemies – and you will get 50 shield back for every kill.

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This is a remarkably powerful weapon, which players will likely be dropping for immediately, so you will need to be very fast – and lucky – to get it.

If you do pick it up however, your inventory slots will disappear, meaning you can’t pick up other weapons or items as you play.

If you’re unsure about the exact location of the Polar Peaks and the castle, here it is marked on the map.

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If you missed it, you can always leave and try again, although no one will thank you for it, but it is to be expected with how new and exciting this weapon is.

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If you’re not first to it, you will want to make a quick escape, as your chances of defeating whoever has it are very slim.