Swords coming soon to Fortnite as Epic Games tease previously leaked weapon and LTM

Epic Games have shared an interesting teaser for Fortnite that appears to confirm that the leaks about a sword based Limited Time Mode is coming soon.

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Fans have been convinced that swords will be coming to Fortnite ever since one was spotted in the Season 7 release trailers and images on December 6.

On December 9 a number of leaks seemed to confirm that the sword aspects of the game would be related to an upcoming LTM, and on December 10 Epic Games dropped a video that finally confirmed that something to do with swords will be released very soon.

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The ten second clip shows a sword stuck in the ground (yes, we were thinking of King Arthur’s legendary sword ‘Excalibur’, too). The shot slowly zooms in before the hand of the Ice King skin can be seen breaking the sword free.

Whether the sword will be part of an all-new melee weapon class or simply tied to a Limited Time Mode is unknown, and the only caption with the video reads: “Coming soon… a weapon fit for a King”.

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After the success of the Fortnite and Avengers crossover, which saw players fight for the gauntlet of Thanos and use his powers to crush their opponents, a similar mode with swords could certainly be a hit with the community.

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It will be equally interesting to see whether sword remains in the game after the alleged LTM comes to an end. Given how prominent it has been in imagery so far, we wouldn’t be surprised if it does!