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Fortnite: Fan-made video perfectly sums up everything wrong with the Boom Box

Published: 3/Jan/2019 23:31 Updated: 3/Jan/2019 23:41

by Wyatt Donigan


The Boom Box is the latest item added to Fortnite that has the community up in arms and calling for either widespread changes or nerfs and this video perfectly demonstrates the community’s frustrations.

Boom Boxes were introduced to Fortnite on December 30, which was coincidentally the same day as the $100,000 WSOE tournament.

Almost immediately upon release, the community went to a frenzy and called for the seemingly overpowered item to be taken out of the game.

Despite the major outcry from large portions of the community, however, the item still remains in the game without changes of any kind.

This has led one Reddit user, ‘DHAferda,’ to put together a video that demonstrates just how frustrated the community is with the item.


Starting off, the video makes a direct comparison to the vaulted Infinity Blade, which was the last item Epic Games had to Vault after much negative feedback from the community.

The video then goes on to show various clips of pro players, including HighDistortion, Myth, and SypherPK, expressing their many frustrations with the item.

The main sticking point with the item seems to be that it lowers the skill gap by limiting the ability for players to freely build during engagements since the Boom Box completely destroys all builds immediately.

Epic GamesThe Boom Box is one of the most polarizing items in Fortnite’s history.

With Epic Games employees having been on holiday through the start of the new year, no changes have been made just yet.


With the third and final v7.10 update set to go live on Tuesday, January 8, players will no doubt be on the lookout for any changes to the powerful item.