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Ninja offers advice to a fan who’s being bullied for enjoying his streams

Published: 3/Jan/2019 21:16

by Albert Petrosyan


Despite his meteoric rise to fame in the online gaming community, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins constantly faces scrutiny and criticism, and it appears that some of his viewers are also being hit with the same treatment. 

During one of his recent streams, Ninja came across a viewer who wrote this in the chat: “You’re my favorite streamer and people at school make fun of me for it.”

In response, Ninja offered some advice to not only that viewer but also to anyone who gets made fun of or bullied for watching his streams and being a fan.

“If you’re getting made fun of because you like anything that someone else doesn’t like, those aren’t your friends,” he said. “Those people are losers. They’re the losers. Who cares, it’s your taste, your opinion.”


He went on to advise that group of his viewers to retort back to the bullying by bringing up all of the good things about him and his stream.

 “You can always go back and be like, ‘oh you don’t like the millions of dollars he raises for charity? You don’t like the mainstream attention he brings to gaming? You don’t respect the grind, the 10 hours of streaming minimum every day, and streaming the last eight years to get to where he is? Is that what you don’t like about Ninja? HUH?!'”

Twitter / @NinjaDespite his incredible success and fame as a Twitch streamer and gamer, many have not been too kind to Ninja’s stardom.

He also drew parallels between being a fan of a streamer on Twitch to liking a band and listening to their music: “That’s like you liking a band and people making fun of you for it. What do you do, stop listening to the band? Uh, no, you’d say ‘I really like this band so I’m gonna keep listening to them and I don’t care what all the other people think.’ Don’t worry about it.”


Anyone who is a superstar in this day and age is going to have his share of naysayers, and while Ninja can’t limit the amount of haters, he can and has been doing his best to make sure his fans and viewers are subjected to the same criticisms.