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Fortnite: Epic Games reveal more details about Bots in Season 11

Published: 3/Oct/2019 23:14 Updated: 3/Oct/2019 23:51

by Eli Becht


Bots are arriving in Fortnite with Season 11 and Epic Games revealed some more information about how they will work.

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In case you haven’t heard, bots are coming to Fortnite Season 11 as a way to help newer players learn the ropes.

Heading into Season 11, the meta has greatly shifted from building simple forts into complex builds and quick edits, something that the average player has problems with doing.

Epic GamesBots are coming to Fortnite and we’re not talking about the mechs.
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Bots will help alleviate some of these concerns for newer players, but up until this point, we didn’t know exactly what skills they would have.

Epic explained how they wanted the bots to help players learn the mechanics of the game, but none of that would really matter if they had perfect aim and were able to crank 90s.


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Fortunately, Epic says the bots would be able to do 90s (yet) and they also won’t be able to use vehicles, meaning they will have some limitations.

They say they are looking to see how far the bots can be pushed, but they won’t have the complete repertoire of a normal player at launch.

Epic GamesFortnite bots won’t be able to crank 90s.
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For those who were hoping to get into squads match with a team full of bots, you’re out of luck. Epic confirmed you won’t be able to party up with them and don’t have any plans to support this function.


While it won’t be available at launch, Epic are looking into allowing for full bot lobbies for players to hone their skills.

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If players are defeated by a bot in a match, they won’t be spectating them but will instead be switched onto a regular player.

Epic also confirmed Creative Mode will not feature bots, but it’s something they will add to their roadmap.

For more about bots, and some of the other things Epic mentioned, you can read the full October 3 blog post.