Literal bots are coming in Fortnite Season 11

Eli Becht

Epic Games confirmed on September 23 that bots will be coming to Fortnite starting in Season 11, explaining how it’ll help matchmaking for players.

As Season 10 winds down fans are turning their attention towards what Fortnite has in store for Season 11.

Fortnite Season 10 has been arguably the most controversial season of all-time due to the implementation of the mechs, but Epic stood their ground and kept them in the game despite all the complaints.

Epic GamesMechs won’t be the only bots in town.

Now it appears that Epic will be making another change that will be sure to cause some chatter in the community.

Epic confirmed that bots will be added into regular game modes beginning with the next season, and explained this is being done to improve matchmaking for all players, especially those who are newer.

As players continue to get better, they will face fewer bots as they’ll eventually be switched out with real players, much like how the game currently operates. 

If you’re a new player in Fortnite, you’re well behind the curve in terms of skill as pretty much every long-time player knows the game inside and out so you’re at a huge disadvantage, especially if you’re not a particularly great builder.

Building on that, beginning in v10.40, a new matchmaking system is being implemented that will help players get games against players closer to their skill level. Epic explains this is a work-in-progress so keep that in mind if he doesn’t work exactly how you expect it to.

Epic GamesDefault skins won’t be the only bots.

Bots will help ease those new players in as they’ll play close to their skill level and give them a chance to learn the core mechanics of the game. Epic explains they will behave as normal players so, in an ideal world, you won’t even know the difference.

Adding bots into a battle royale title isn’t a foreign concept as PUBG Mobile did the same thing for new players as they eased into the swing of things.

For those who are concerned about how this will affect Fortnite competitively, there’s no need to worry as they will not appear in competitive formats.

Season 11 still doesn’t have a concrete start time but we do know Season 10 concludes October 6 so it won’t be that far off from there.

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