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Where to find bus stops for Fortnite’s Remedy vs Toxin challenge

Published: 9/Jan/2020 14:18 Updated: 9/Jan/2020 14:19

by Calum Patterson


A new set of challenges have dropped in Fortnite as Season 1 of Chapter 2 begins to wind down. One peculiar task requires you to simply visit three bus stops – here’s where to find them.

The Remedy vs Toxin Mission, one of the last of the season, gives you an extra opportunity to rank up the battle pass as fast as possible before season 2 starts.

In addition to the bonus XP, you’ll also receive cosmetic rewards. With the Winterfest event over, there’s more time to jump into the regular missions again, starting with Remedy vs Toxin.

As the first mission of 2020, there are some unique new challenges. Firstly, you need to reach level 40 on the battle pass to access the Remedy vs Toxin mission. 52,000 XP is available for each challenge, as well as the purple Remedy vs Toxin skin.


One of the more time-consuming tasks requires you to visit three bus stops. However, you’ll save yourself a lot of time simply by using our map, showing where they are.

Bus stop locations in Fortnite

  1. East of Sweaty Sands
  2. South of Pleasant Park
  3. North of Salty Springs
There are only three bus stops on the Fortnite map, and you need to visit all of them.

Thankfully, the three bus stops are all within one quartile of the map. This means you will only have to visit the northwest area and scout out the three stops.

There’s no rule that says the challenge needs to be completed in different matches, so you can do a sweep in one game. But, this isn’t true for some of the other challenges in the mission.

For a full list of all the challenges, check out our Remedy vs Toxin mission guide here. Admittedly, some are pretty difficult, but complete nine of them and you’ll earn the Remedy vs Toxin skin.


Epic GamesPlayers can unlock the Remedy vs Toxin skin as a reward.

Other similar challenges include visiting three food trucks and earning three Silver Survivor medals. One particularly tricky task requires you to “Be the first to catch a fish, first to land from the Battle Bus, or first to get an elimination.”

You’ll have plenty of time to complete the challenges though, as Season 2 isn’t expected to begin until February.