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Ali-A tests possibility to win in Fortnite with hidden treasure weapons

Published: 8/Jan/2020 20:20

by Alan Bernal


YouTuber Alastair ‘Ali-A’ Aiken tested the limits of Fortnite’s hidden treasure loot to see if it was possible to win out using only the contents inside the buried findings.

At the turn of Chapter 2, Epic Games introduced a swarm of new mechanics like diving, fishing, and more. While buried treasure was first brought in Season 8 along with Treasure Maps, Season 2’s version makes the hidden loot much more accessible to passersby.

Always looking to test the limits of the game, Ali-A put the hidden treasure’s RNG to the test by solely relying on its contents to win out in a Fortnite match.

Epic GamesAli-A only took with him what he could find in Fortnite’s buried treasure chests.

It’s easy to drop into Sweaty Sands to pick out the mounds of sand indicating there’s loot to be found. What isn’t ideal is limiting your gameplay to only what you find in those chests since they can be pretty lacking.

In the YouTuber’s first attempt, their initial haul was decent; finding a green Burst Assault Rifle, and an RPG later on.

The challenge proved to have its fair share of temptations since his first bits of loot weren’t inspiring, and with every fight he won, he had to resist the urge of picking up the fallen’s loot since “it was against the rules.”

While a few buried treasures wouldn’t yield that much reward, Ali-A made do with an Assault Rifle and Pistol with whatever heals he could find in the game.

It was impressive to see the British YouTuber stick with the two mediocre weapons even in the heat of the battle. Swapping between looked a bit awkward especially when he started to come across build-heavy competition.

That’s when Ali showed off his prowess as a Fortnite builder, fighting to get the high ground while taking down other players’ mats as soon as they placed them.

Epic GamesThe hidden loot at Sweaty Sands isn’t great, but somehow, Ali-A made it work for him in his Fortnite match.

The final skirmish was definitely the most nerve-wracking since it came down to a close-range 1v1; Ali-A’s Assault Rifle against the other foe’s Shotgun.

But the YouTuber held his nerve, and was actually able to take the meager loot from Fortnite’s hidden treasure and earn a Victory Royale screen.


New Fortnite Season 5 release date and start time potentially leaked

Published: 24/Nov/2020 12:11

by Connor Bennett


A Fortnite leaker has seemingly revealed the start date, and time, of Chapter 2, Season 5 amid uncertainty about when it’ll be getting underway. 

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 is almost at its end as players are gearing up to, finally, take on Galactus alongside some of their favorite Marvel characters. 

As with the conclusion of any season, Fortnite players immediately start looking forward to what’s coming next – and everything that Epic Games will have in store for them. Typically, the final day of the battle pass is a good indicator for when a new season might start, but that has been changed a few times in Season 4. 

Add to that the rumors about a potential black hole blackout situation again, and the Fortnite community has been left incredibly confused about Season 5’s start date. 

Galactus flying towards the screen in Fortnite
Epic Games
Galactus has been getting closer and closer to the Fortnite map all season – and a battle is on the way.

However, that confusion could be cleared up if one leaker is correct with their claims about the next season. 

ShiinaBR, who has been a reliable leaker in the past, shared some information from another leaker who seems to have the scoop. “Season 5 could(!) start on December 2 at 7 am GMT, according to @tonxim,” she tweeted on November 22. “If this is true, this means the season would start 10 hours after the event takes place!”

If correct, this would mean that Fortnite Season 5 would get underway on December 2nd at 2 am ET/11 pm PT/8 am CET. So, it could be a long day of Fortnite if you factor in attending the live event. 

Additionally, the lengthy downtime would also play into the speculation that another blackout could happen in the meantime – making Fortnite inaccessible until the new season starts. 

Nothing, as of now, has been confirmed by Epic, so it’s worth taking things with a pinch of salt, but it does seem like we’re drawing ever close to the start date of Season 5 being confirmed.