Dr Disrespect claims Bethesda refused him Starfield sponsorship due to “past controversies”

Carver Fisher
Dr Disrespect Starfield denied sponsorship bethesda

Dr Disrespect claims that, though he wanted to work with Bethesda, the developers behind Starfield, to help promote the game upon launch, the company has refused to work with him based on “past controversies.”

From the Twitch ban, we’ll likely never know the real reason behind being a part of the NICKMERCS Call of Duty skin drama, Dr Disrespect has had no shortage of controversy surrounding him on his rise up to one of the internet’s biggest streamers.

That said, his voice holds a lot of weight in the gaming community. He gets tens of thousands of live viewers and millions of viewers on his video content. His opinions are heard by many, giving him no shortage of opportunities to take on sponsors or even explore his own business ventures.

However, Bethesda had no interest in working with Dr Disrespect, according to the streamer himself.

Dr Disrespect slams Bethesda for refusing Starfield sponsorship

According to the Doc, he’s been hyping up Starfield for “a while” and was really looking forward to playing it. Though he’s known mainly for his prowess in multiplayer games like Call of Duty Warzone, CSGO, and many other competitive multiplayer shooters, he enjoys playing single-player games from time to time.

However, Doc was taken aback when opening the character creation screen and noticing that his character had an option for pronouns. He stared at the screen for around 10 seconds, dumbfounded, and then exhaled deeply.

This led to him opening Twitter and taking a jab at Pete Hines, Bethesda’s head of publishing, for having pronouns in his bio.

Right around the 1:05:30 mark in the VoD, the Doc had this to say: “He/him… Got it, ok. Now everything’s starting to make sense.” This turned into Dr Disrespect claiming that Bethesda directly denied him a sponsorship.

“I just gotta get it off my chest. Obviously, we’ve been hyping up [Starfield] for a very long time. We’ve been making it very vocal, right champs? We had our team reach out, ‘Hey, can we work with you, can we do something?'” Doc put on another voice and mocked Bethesda’s representative. “‘Due to past controversies, there’s no way we can work with Dr Disrespect.'”

He went on to claim that he asked for the ability to at least play the game at the same time as other streamers who had early access, a request that was also denied on the same grounds.

Though Doc went on to play Starfield for over 9 hours during his stream and was “impressed” by the game’s sheer scale and wealth of content, he clearly has some gripes with Bethesda.

Dr Disrespect has since addressed the clip, saying that he feels his words are being “taken out of context”.

The tweet Doc quoted claimed he was transphobic and that he “wouldn’t survive MW2 lobbies” if this was his reaction. Doc replied by saying, “Some of these poor young people are just depressed. No life experience and completely misdirected by the internet. Look at my words being taken out of context here. Their insecurities are obvious.”

Though Dr Disrespect has addressed his words on stream, Bethesda have yet to comment on whether or not they had this interaction with him and have yet to confirm if they directly denied him a sponsorship.