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Daring Fortnite player pulls off trickshot with rare Mythic Goldfish

Published: 20/Jan/2020 3:41

by Andrew Amos


The Mythic Goldfish is Fortnite’s rarest item, but that hasn’t stopped players from trying to make their eliminations with the weapon look stylish as one daring player pulled off a one-in-a-million trickshot with it.

Catching a Mythic Goldfish in Fortnite is akin to winning the lottery. Introduced in Chapter 2 with the fishing update, it’s the rarest item ever added to Fortnite, and it packs a punch to go along with it.

It dishes out 200 damage to an enemy player, knocking them out regardless of health or shields. Such power comes at a price tag ⁠— it’s drop rate is around 0.000136%, or a 1 in 735,294 chance.


Fortnite fishing
Epic Games
Most players will only ever find common goldfish while fishing in Fortnite.

Getting your hands on it in the first place is enough to shake up the most composed player, but this one Fortnite player kept his cool for so long that he even attempted a trickshot with the rare item to complete the even rarer Trophy Hunter achievement.

Reddit user ‘Manuel_Eder’ shared the clip to the /r/FortNiteBR community on January 19, attempting what they called the “first Mythic Goldfish trickshot.”

Caught up in a buildfight with another player on the edge of the zone, both Manuel and his enemy were dancing around each other.

First mythic goldfish trickshot? from FortNiteBR

However, the crafty goldfish wielder found himself an opportunity to get some high ground and fire down on his foe as they looked to escape. Building ramps and boxes upwards, Manuel jumped from the top rope to try and take down the enemy.


Of course, if they were to kill someone with the goldfish, they had to do it in style. Manuel jumped down from his build, chucked in a cheeky 360, and ended up hitting the enemy at the top of the ramp to secure the kill and unlock the Trophy Hunter achievement.

The Trophy Hunter achievement is one of three achievements tagged along with the Mythic Goldfish. You get it simply by eliminating a player with the rare item, and given how scarce the fish are, it’s a worthy accolade to have on any profile.

Fortnite trickshot with Mythic Goldfish
Epic Games
Landing a trickshot is one thing, but doing it with an item that has a drop rate of almost one-in-a-million is another.

Manuel’s enemy didn’t walk away empty handed after the embarrassing death to the Mythic Goldfish. Players taken out by the item are given the Sleep with the Fishes achievement after being eliminated, so it’s not all bad news.


While it’s not the most crafty trickshot in the book, it’s one of the highest stakes shots in Fortnite history, and Manuel managed to pull it off in style.