Pokimane reveals custom Fortnite emote based on viral TikTok dance

Published: 18/Jan/2020 20:32 Updated: 19/Jan/2020 6:21

by Brent Koepp


Twitch megastar Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys announced on January 18 that she is getting her own in-game Fortnite emote, following in the footsteps of  Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins as Epic continues to add streamers to the game.

Pokimane is the most popular female streamer on Twitch, and is a juggernaut on social media, boasting millions of subscribers across her YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

The OfflineTV personality announced on social media that she will be the second streamer to be featured in the game by getting her own Fortnite emote.

Pokimane poses in Instagram selfie
Instagram: @pokimanelol
Pokimane is the most popular female personality on Twitch.

On January 18, the streamer revealed on Twitter that the emote is based on a dance that she had posted on the video app Tik-Tok.

Just like Ninja’s skin pack which was announced on January 15th, the Twitch star will be represented in the game – although not as a skin like the Mixer star.

On Twitter, she detailed that the addition will be available on January 19th at 4PM PST. “Can’t believe I’m saying this, but i officially have my own @fortnitegame Emote! it’s available at 4PM PT tomorrow if you’d like to get it!” she said.

Pokimane’s announcement comes fresh off of Epic partnering with Tik-Tok, as fans can submit their own dance to the popular social media app for a chance to get their own emote into the battle royale.

The streamer made the reveal during her broadcast, where she also hinted at the possibility of getting her own skin. “There’s no skin for now. Maybe someday. But for now, I do little dance!” she said.

She had previously teased an announcement on October 20th, stating that she was “signing the contract soon” which led many of her fans to believe that she was making the jump from Twitch to Mixer, although perhaps this was the deal she was hinting at.

Pokimane had an incredible 2019, gaining millions of subscribers on Twitch and launching her own clothing brand which sold out in a month after release.

And now the streaming personality has been immortalized in Fortnite, solidifying her as one of the most influential entertainers on the platform right now. And who knows, maybe she will get her very own skin in the future.


Dixie D’Amelio deletes teaser for song with Wiz Khalifa after criticism

Published: 2/Dec/2020 21:57 Updated: 2/Dec/2020 22:00

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok star and singer Dixie D’Amelio has deleted the teaser for her upcoming song with rapper Wiz Khalifa after receiving overwhelming negative criticism from viewers. Her mother has also released a lengthy statement on the matter.

Dixie D’Amelio is a household name in the social media age; the older sister to Charli D’Amelio (TikTok’s most-followed creator), Dixie has carved her own path, most notably releasing her own original songs with such features as Lil Mosey and, most recently, Wiz Khalifa.

However, it doesn’t seem that online critics are too pleased with her music, as seen by the oodles of negative comments on the teaser for her upcoming song with Khalifa, which she initially posted to TikTok.

Many commenters brutally roasted the TikTok star’s lyrics and singing ability, with one writing, “Does she really think she’s a singer now?”

“God help you and your lyrics,” another wrote.

Dixie has since removed the teaser in wake of the criticism, taking to Twitter to vent about her frustration regarding the overwhelming negativity.

“I’m just trying to have fun,” Dixie wrote. “I love music and photoshoots. But I’m losing passion for everything now.”

“I literally can’t be excited about ANYTHING,” she continued.

Dixie’s mother, Heidi D’Amelio, has also spoken out on the issue in a lengthy Instagram stories post.

“To those sh***ing on people who are doing things they love and are getting attention for it — you should find something you love and go do it!” she said. “To anyone who takes the time to type hate towards someone who is having fun and doing what they love, please know you are a classic case of a weak person who is truly pathetic.”

Heidi D'Amelio calls out Dixie haters Instagram
Instagram: Heidi D'Amelio / Twitter: defnoodles
Heidi D’Amelio called out Dixie’s critics in a lengthy Instagram Stories post.

It doesn’t look like Dixie’s nor her mother’s response to the issue is getting any sympathy from critics, though, who continue to levy negativity against the TikTok family royalty for their attitude toward the situation.

“When you’re rich yeah, it’s easy to get those ‘million of chances to do things they love,’” one critic replied.

“Anything you put on the Internet is going to get hate no matter what you do,” another chimed in. “She’s just going to have to get over that and keep her posts up and move forward.”

What’s your take on the situation? Do you think the hate toward Dixie’s creative pursuits is becoming too overwhelming? Or do you think Dixie’s mom has a point about the constant trolling? Let us know on Twitter at @DexertoTrending!