All leaked skins & cosmetics in Fortnite v16.10 update

Fortnite anime skin in Season 6Epic Games

Fortnite’s v16.10 patch is finally here, and on top of the changes to weapons and items, new skins will be dropping into the item shop. Here’s an early look at them all.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6 is now a few weeks old and players have been getting to grips with everything Epic Games has added in the new ‘Primal’ theme.

The v16.10 patch brings Raptors as a tameable pet, nerfs to the Primal Shotgun, a whole host of weapon balancing changes, as well as a few bug fixes.

As ever, the new update also gives leakers and dataminers the chance to dig into the files and find some new content early, with the most anticipated of which being the raft of new cosmetics.

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Epic Games
The Fortnite season is all about the Primal theme.

Skins & cosmetics from Fortnite v16.10 patch

In this update, there are a handful of new skins, a few new pickaxes, some new emotes, as well as a few back blings, and a whole lot more as well.

Thanks to leakers like VastBlast, FunGames, and iFireMonkey, we also know that there are quite a few new bundles appearing soon too – including the Anime Legends set.

On top of those, there is also a handful of new variants releasing too. Some of these appear to be centered around the upcoming Easter event, but there are also a few skins getting variants that have been in Fortnite for a while now. You can check everything out below.

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As ever, these skins should all find their way into the Item Store at a later date, they won’t all be available as soon as your update downloads. So, keep checking the shop for the ones you want. m

Additionally, there is also a slim chance that some of them don’t appear in the Item Shop. Plenty of Fortnite skins have been leaked before and then just never released, so be wary of that as well.