Ali-A has a crazy theory about Fortnite Season 5, but he might be right

Andrew Amos
Ali-A next to Fortnite's Zero Point
Epic Games / YouTube: Ali-A

Alastair ‘Ali-A’ Aiken has heard every Fortnite fan theory in the book, but there’s one he truly believes in. The YouTube star believes everything old is new again, and everything in the Fortnite universe is somehow “linked together” ⁠— pointing towards Season 5 as the prime example.

Fortnite players have always theorized about what parts of the game relate to another. It’s part of the parcel when Epic developed a deep enough story and lore behind the game that fans want to dig into.

While this often means smaller things ⁠— a POI with a reference to a character, or some special interactions ⁠— Ali-A believes it’s something much bigger. He believes that everything is interconnected, from the Fortnite world to the real world, and Epic are the puppet-masters.

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Ali-A has a crazy theory about the Fortnite world being intertwined with the real world. The craziest thing? He might be right.

“Worlds Collide. If you’ve been playing Fortnite for long enough, you’ll recognize that slogan from Chapter 1 Season 5, and guess what? It’s happening again right now,” the YouTube star claimed.

“We refer to the loop as the infinite looping of playing battle royale games over and over. The storm comes in, someone wins, the storm goes out again, and it repeats. That’s not the only thing looping though…as the Fortnite chapters are looping themselves too.”

He used the two latest Chapter 2 seasons ⁠— four and five ⁠— to prove his point.

“In Chapter 1 Season 4, with all the fake superheroes that were on-set filming in the Fortnite world, and then jump forward to Chapter 2 Season 4, real superheroes in the form of the Marvel world entered the map,” he said.

“The entire theme of Chapter 1 Season 5 was worlds colliding, viking ships appearing on the Fortnite map, Durrr Burger disappearing from the Fortnite world and going to the real world, and here we are again in this season with so many worlds colliding.”

He also claimed that the zero point ‘existed’ somewhere in real life. With all the crossovers Epic are putting on between in-game events and real world occurrences, someone high up is calling the shots.

“Some people have been sending me videos from Egypt of Fortnite battle busses in real life, actually on the streets. We know that when Agent Jonesy jumped through the zero point, he lost his backpack, and I have it ⁠— it was literally sent to me,” he added.

“Anything and everything in the Fortnite world has a reason and has a purpose ⁠— it is all linked together.”

Fortnite Gaming Legends Series Samus Kratos Master Chief
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It’s not just the real world, but other game universes too.

This theory has a bit of momentum behind it. Epic certainly has managed to create numerous events to help promote Fortnite, and the real world is a part of their medium.

The chapters looping back on themselves also makes sense ⁠— and it could make the rest of Chapter 2 even more exciting.