5 Fortnite tricks you can do with Avatar mythics to help you win

Rishabh Sabarwal
Fortnite Avatar Collab Loading Screen

Wondering how to use Avatar mythics effectively and win Fortnite matches? Here are 5 tricks you need to know.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2’s first significant crossover with Avatar was introduced with update v29.20. This included a new questline, animated series characters, a mini-pass, and three new mythics based on aspects, such as the current Waterbending item.

With these inclusions, Fortnite vaulted Greek-themed goods like Wings of Icarus, Chains of Hades, and Thunderbolt of Zeus, which sparked player outrage. However, the new elemental bending mythics have shown to be a suitable alternative for all of them, since they keep the momentum going in sweaty Battle Royale lobbies.

Since each item has a distinct ability and usage, here are 5 Fortnite tricks revealed by YouTuber Vice to help you win with Avatar mythics in your loadout.

5 Fortnite tricks you didn’t know you could do with Avatar mythics

1) Use Earthbending to replace enemy builds faster

Earthbending phase walls in Fortnite
You can replace enemy builds using Earthbending.

As seen in the clip, you can use Earthbending’s Rock Throw ability in Fortnite at an enemy build in front of you to break a wall or floor piece and can quickly replace it with your own build. For instance, Vice broke an enemy’s wall using the Rock Throw and quickly built a wall by the time the rock impacted the wall.

This can also be used for cone or floor pieces if you plan to take over an enemy build during a sweaty fight in a Battle Royale match and win a build fight.

2) Use Airbending with a prop disguise

Using Airbending as a prop in Fortnite
You can use Airbending as a prop by activating it from Peely NPC.

An absurd bug with the Airbending mythic lets you move around using the item’s Air Wheel as a prop. To perform the glitch, simply interact with the Peely NPC near Restored Reels while using the Air Wheel and spend 50 gold bars to activate Prop Disguise.

Once activated, you’ll be able to move around while using the wheel as a prop, for instance, a Sofa, Slurp Barrel, Gas Can, and so on. This would help you to easily rotate without being spotted by enemies.

3) Increase field of view using Airbending bug

FOV glitch with Airbending in Fortnite
You can perform an Airbending glitch to increase your FOV.

This glitch with Airbending lets you increase your Field of View during a Fortnite match. A larger field of view lets you look around more while building and spotting enemies easily. Thanks to this bug, you can now enable a wider FOV while playing.

To do so, simply use the Air Wheel and instantly drop the Airbending item from your inventory. Now you’ll be able to see a wider FOV and will also be able to build and shoot.

4) Rift while using Airbending to glide farther

Rift while Airbending in Fortnite
You can glide farther if you rift while Airbending.

Want to fly farther while Airbending like an Avatar? Well, enter a Rift while using the Air Wheel and now you’ll be able to cover longer distances than simply gliding using your glider.

This can help you escape the storm circle faster and get to the safe zone without being shot at by enemies in the sky.

5) Use Waterbending instead of a DMR

Waterbending long range in Fortnite
Waterbending has a long range as far as 280 meters and works brilliantly.

Last but not least, Waterbending mythic works as a perfect replacement for Marksman Rifles in Fortnite such as a DMR due to its insane range and damage count to enemies. You can use the Waterbending’s Ice shots at enemies up to 280 meters and deal some serious damage to them.

The best part about it is that your enemy won’t even see where the shots are coming from, they’ll simply experience damage and their health and shield bars will go low. This mythic is the most overpowered of the four Avatar options and is definitely a worthy addition to your Fortnite loadout.

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