McDonald’s color changing cups go super viral but there’s a catch

Lauren Lewis
McDonald's color changing cupTikTok: @Manellapeanut

TikTok can’t get enough of McDonald’s color-changing cups, as these novelty items go viral. However, don’t bet on getting one for yourself anytime soon.  

McDonald’s are known for their novelty products. From their Grimace-themed Christmas sweater to their crocs colab, there’s always something new customers can grab. 

Now, they’ve released a series of color-changing cups, which come in an assortment of different colors, including Charcoal, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and Pink. 

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When you first look at them, they’re a simple stark grey, but once you begin to pour liquid into them, the cups transform. 

After videos were posted of TikTokers marveling over these color-changing cups, people were desperate to get their hands on the products. 

Can I get McDonald’s color-changing cups?

In the comments section of a video that’s gained over 6 million views, people were dying to find these cups at their local McDonald’s. 

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“I need to get to maccies ASAP,” one proclaimed. “Where can I get one?” another asked. 

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Many US commenters were disappointed after having found that the cup wasn’t available in their local store, lamenting: “Wish this cup available in USA.”

Some commenters suggested that it might be making its way to both the USA and the UK in December, saying: “They will be available nationwide from December 1st to the 14th.”

Despite speculation from customers, McDonald’s have yet to announce whether or not this might be the case. As it stands, they’re exclusive to stores in the Philippines, so unless you live over there, you’re out of luck.

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This isn’t the first time customers were left salivating over international McDonald’s items, as McDonald’s Germany announced that they’d be releasing pizza pockets.

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