McDonald’s releasing new drink that started off as a TikTok “hack”

Lauren Lewis
McDonald's sign

McDonald’s have released their summer sensation leaving fans in a flurry – and it’s already going viral on TikTok.

The McFloat at McDonald’s has long been a fan favorite – with many viral variations circulating TikTok of how to order a ‘McFloat’ (aka a Coke Float),

Now, it’s become quite the fast food trend, with people learning how to order a root beer float. But this no longer has to be a thing of speculation, as McDonald’s are set to bring this sweet treat out in Indonesia.

The fast food source wrote: “With all the summer drink releases, I’m gonna need these new McFloat Blasts from McDonald’s to come to the states – they have taken the already needed McFloat and made it perfect for the summer!

Now in Indonesia you can get McFloats with a fruity blast. You can start with your favorite “soda (Coke, Sprite, etc) and then add some vanilla ice cream and give it a flavor blast of mango, strawberry, or sakura. It’s what Sonic is already doing and McDonald’s has the capability to do

“I’d love to have these for the summer – a Sprite McFloat with strawberry sounds pretty awesome to me.

“What McFloat Blast combo would you order if they came to the states?”

After the food blogger asked what customers thought of the new drink, people couldn’t wait to weigh in, writing: “I hope this makes its way to America. I want that mango sprite.”

One joked that the beverage was: “The reason why my marriage was saved from divorce and ever since then we are very close and in love like never before.”

McDonald’s is also going viral internationally because of its mouth watering collab with Lotus Biscoff.

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