All Tomestone changes coming with FFXIV Dawntrail

Liam Ho
FFXIV Tomestone Gear

Dawntrail will bring a heap of new changes to the MMO Final Fantasy XIV. Here’s everything we know that’s changing with the Tomestones system when the new expansion drops.

Final Fantasy XIV is getting ready to jump right into Dawntrail as soon as July 2, 2024 hits. The new expansion will see the Warrior of Light partake in a brand new adventure, one that is sure to bring new companions, challenges, and enemies along the way.

Outside of the story, Dawntrail will bring a large number of changes to various systems, including a revamp to the Tomestone currency. So, here’s everything that’s changing with Tomestones when Dawntrail drops.

FFXIV Dawntrail Tomestone changes

Combat jobs

The major change for Tomestones in Dawntrail for combat classes is the removal of Tomestones of Causality and Tomestones of Comedy as usable currency. These two are currently used for much of the end-game content in FFXIV, and can still be traded in for Tomestones of Poetics when Dawntrail arrives.

Similarly, the older Tomestones of Astronomy will become defunct once the new expansion launches. These will be completely removed from the game when Dawntrail drops, so exchange them now or they’ll be gone forever.

New Tomestones will become available to players once at least one of their jobs hits level 100. Tomestones of Poetics can still be obtained by completing trials and duties up to level 90, as well as rewards from Duty Roulette.

Gatherers and Crafters

Similarly, gatherer and crafter scrips are also receiving changes in Dawntrail. Like combat jobs, a new type of crafter’s scrip and gatherer’s scrip will be added in Dawntrail and can be obtained when changing collectible items starting at level 100.

However, Yellow Scrips are being removed from the game. Yellow Scrips can currently be traded in for White Scrips and will be completely removed from the game on Patch 7.0. Meanwhile, White Scrips will still exist in Dawntrail, but can only be traded in for Purple Scrips, with some exceptions.

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