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Robbie Brady’s FIFA 21 Ultimate Team revealed during Managerial Masterpieces

Published: 26/Mar/2021 17:22

by Jacob Hale


Burnley FC’s Irish winger Robbie Brady has had his FIFA 21 Ultimate Team revealed, and he’ll be absolutely dominating his Managerial Masterpieces rivals with this squad.

Managerial Masterpieces requires players to have a squad with a maximum overall rating of 77, so it’s not exactly going to be a world class side.

However, as a professional player, Brady has his own 99-rated card — and decided that, despite the overall rating limitations, he was going to use it anyway.

Perhaps just to flex on his opponents, or simply so that he can have one insanely good player on his team, Brady’s is definitely one of the most unique teams you’ll see in MM.


Robbie Brady at World Cup qualifiers in 2014
Wikimedia commons: Michael Kranewitter
Robbie Brady has filled out his squad with some of his Irish teammates.

Robbie Brady’s FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Obviously, there’s a very limited pool of options available to use in Managerial Masterpieces, so Brady couldn’t deck his team out with a number of ICONs and Team of the Year cards like most real footballers do.

Instead, Brady actually fills his team out with far lower rated players simply so he can slide his own 99-rated pro card in there, which is bound to get opponents worried when they see it pop up before the match.

Here’s how Brady set his team up for Managerial Masterpieces, as shown by jibow666 on Reddit:

  • GK: Willy Caballero (75)
  • RB: Reece James (77)
  • CB: Eric Bailly (79)
  • CB: Ciaran Clark (76)
  • LB: Enda Stevens (78)
  • RM: Adama Traore (79)
  • CM: Conor Hourihane (75)
  • CM: Moussa Sissoko (79)
  • LM: Robbie Brady (99)
  • ST: Ollie Watkins (76)
  • ST: Dan James (77)
Robbie Bradys Managerial Masterpieces FIFA 21 FUT team
Reddit: jibow666
Robbie Bradys FUT team for Managerial Masterpieces.

To round things out, Brady even puts his own boss at Burnley, Sean Dyche, as manager of the team — not a bad way to stay in his good books.


Obviously, we’d be keen to see what Brady’s real team actually looks like. Considering he’s going through the effort of playing Managerial Masterpieces matchups, we’d wager he’s pretty committed to the game, so must have a decent squad.

Regardless, we wouldn’t want to come up against his 99 card at all, let alone when limited to a 77-rated squad — we can only send our condolences to his opponents.