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FIFA 21 Premier League Player of the Month (POTM) nominees & winners

Published: 9/Oct/2020 11:24

by Connor Bennett


Player of the Month awards are back in FIFA 21 with fans being able to vote on who they want to see receive a special card for their real-life performances. Here, you can find details on each nominee and winner throughout the season.

As FIFA Ultimate Team has evolved over the years, EA have incorporated more and more real-life performances into the game. Team of the Week is always a hotly debated topic each week, as are Team of the Year and Team of the Season when they roll around.

However, in recent season, they’ve also incorporated Player of the Month awards. These awards, again, come from the actual shortlist of their respective league and FIFA fans can vote on who they want to win. 

This results in the player receiving a special POTM card that is only attainable via a special Squad Building Challenge – or SBC, for short. 

How to vote for Premier League POTM in FIFA 21

If you want to get involved with the vote, you will have to wait until the nominees are announced. This typically happens towards the end of the month and are published on Twitter.

Once this happens, you’ll be able to head over to the respective league’s website and vote on the nominees by following these short few steps. 

  1. Head over to the EA SPORTS Premier League POTM website
  2. Scroll through the candidates and make your choice
  3. Hit vote by their name
  4. Wait until your vote is confirmed and then you’re done!

September Premier League POTM nominees and winner

Premier League nominees for September POTM
The list of nominees for the Premier League POTM award for September.

The first POTM award for the Premier League has been awarded to Everton’s Dominic Calvert-Lewin. The England striker has been on absolute fire for the Toffees, firing Carlo Ancelotti’s side to the top of the Premier League. 

He beat out the likes of Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy, Spurs’ Harry Kane, teammate James Rodriguez, as well as Brighton and Hove Albion’s Tariq Lamptey.

  • Dominic Calvert-Lewin – Winner
  • James Rodriguez
  • Jamie Vardy
  • Harry Kane
  • Tariq Lamptey
  • Sadio Mane
  • Timothy Castagne
  • Patrick Bamford

As the season continues to roll on, you’ll be able to find the winners and nominees for each month in this hub as we’ll keep it updated. 

Once the players are announced, you’ll be able to find their card and respective SBCs over on our Twitter page – UltimateTeamUK.


FIFA 21 pro Tekkz hits FUT Champs Rank 1 but gets worst rewards ever

Published: 29/Oct/2020 13:33 Updated: 29/Oct/2020 13:34

by David Purcell


Fnatic’s pro player Donovan ‘Tekkz’ Hunt reached the highest possible rank in FIFA 21 FUT Champs Weekend League for Week 2, guaranteeing him an Ultimate TOTW pack full of special cards from Team of the Week 5. If you thought it was just you getting bad rewards, wait until you see this. 

Player picks and bonus packs are all part of the game in the Weekend League. Every competitor enters the arena with 30 games to play, and if you’re like Tekkz who secured a 30-0 record, you will secure yourself the top band of rewards one way or another.

Now, every week you will see screenshots of tremendous picks on social media, with members of the community boasting about who they managed to pack.

Well, it wasn’t one of those types of weeks for Tekkz, who had to walk out of the room after seeing his most valuable pack open.

FIFA 21 FUT Champions arena
FIFA 21 players play all of their games at the new FUT Champions Arena.

Worst ever FIFA 21 FUT Champs rewards?

On October 29, just two days before Halloween kicks off, Tekkz was given a terrible fright by opening his Ultimate TOTW pack.

This includes a full set of Team of the Week players, which typically have the best cards inside to reward somebody playing at such a high level. However, after choosing to open it up, almost instantly he said: “Was that not a walkout?” He walked away from his camera soon after, standing by his door.

There are ways to notice right away if you have a walkout, seen here in our handy guide, and clearly the Fnatic pro knows his stuff.

As he looked back at the screen, he froze. It wasn’t Joe Gomez. It wasn’t Federico Valverde, and certainly not Wilfred Zaha. Staring back at him was the In-Form Jean-Pierre Nsame, from Young Boys, just 82-rated.

Just before the FIFA 21 FUT Champs pack opened somebody in the chat had suggested to save it, but he was confident Liverpool’s defender was going to be added to his team.

Right after he saw his pack, he branded the whole thing “bulls**t” and ended the livestream. This was supposed to be a moment for his followers to see a great player walk out of the pack, but it wasn’t to be.

He concluded: “I am going asleep boys, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m going asleep.”

A lot of people would do the same.