How to complete Zapata FIFA 21 Community TOTS SBC: solutions & cost

EA has rolled out another brand new SBC for the Community Team of the Season promo, this time for Columbian striker Duvan Zapata and we’ve got all the details on stats, requirements, price, solutions and more you’ll need to get it done nice and quick.

The Team of the Season (or TOTS) promo is one of the biggest events we see during the FIFA game cycle, and that hasn’t changed in 2021 either, with a slew of new cards in packs, SBCs, and Objectives.

EA released the Community and EFL TOTS squads on April 23, and on April 24 we got a very nice 90 OVR Zapata card as the latest SBC on offer. So, lets get into stats and the short list of requirements you’ll need to get done.

Zapata Community TOTS SBC stats

In-game stats for Zapata’s SBC card.

Zapata Community TOTS SBC requirements

Duván Zapata

  • Number of players from Serie A TIM: Min 1
  • In Form Players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 85
  • Team Chemistry: Min 75
  • Number of players in the Squad: 11

Zapata Community TOTS SBC total price

As you can see from the lone set of requirements above, Zapata is one of those treats of an SBC that just has one squad to turn in. While you don’t get any bonus pack rewards, it does come out to a very reasonable total price of 108,000 to 137,000 FUT Coins, depending on your platform.

  • Xbox: 108,000
  • PlayStation: 113,000
  • Origin: 137,000

Zapata Community TOTS SBC solutions

Below we’ve posted some of the cheapest solutions we could find for Duvan’s Community TOTS SBC, and none of them will require any loyalty or position change cards to complete.

Duván Zapata solution 1

Duván Zapata solution 2

Like Chiesa’s SBC that came out the day before, Zapata’s Community TOTS card will only be available to unlock until April 30, but considering there’s only one squad you’ll need to build to get it done, time shouldn’t be too big of an issue once you make up your mind.

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