How to complete FIFA 21 Marquee Matchups SBC Week 1: Solutions & Cost

Connor Bennett
Marquee Matchups in FIFA 21

FIFA 21’s early access period is live and with real-life games coming up, that means Marquee Matchups SBCs. So, here’s what you need to know about the Week 1 Squad Building Challenges. 

The EA Play early access period for FIFA 21 is well underway, with plenty of fans dropping in for their first experience of the new game. 

As usual, the full game is opened up in early access so you can build up your Ultimate Team or explore the modes – but pretty much everyone puts their focus in FUT anyway for the early trading and early games. 

On top of trading and playing, there are objectives and squad building challenges to get a head start with, and if you’re in the market for SBCs, we’ve got some answers for the Marquee Matchups of Week 1.

FIFA 21 Week 1 Marquee Matchups SBC

Yes, Marquee Matchups return again as SBCs in FIFA 21 and stick to the same formula of the past – four interesting games from different leagues around the world. 

In the first week of FIFA 21, we’ve got Club Brugge vs Anderlecht, Manchester United vs Spurs, Lyon vs Marseille, and RB Leipzig vs Schalke. 

For completing each game in the SBC, you will receive a pack ranging from a Small Prime Silver Players Pack to a Prime Electrum Players Pack. For completing all four, you will receive a Premium Gold Players Pack. 

Club Brugge vs Anderlecht marquee matchup SBC

We’ll start with Club Brugge vs Anderlecht where, as you might expect, the focus is on Belgian players and the Belgian league – as well as the two clubs involved. 

According to FUTBin, it shouldn’t be too expensive too complete – around 6,000 coins on Xbox and 5,000 coins on PS4, but we’ve got an answer that should save you a few coins. 

Lyon vs Marseille marquee matchup SBC

Progressing on from Belgium, the next game in focus is Lyon vs Marseille. Again, it isn’t too tricky to complete as you can use silvers but you will need at least three rares card

Again, it’s going to cost around 8,000 coins for Xbox and 6,000 coins on PS4, but we’ve got an answer that should get you under that. 

RB Leipzig vs Schalke marquee matchup SBC

As for RB Leipzig vs Schalke, don’t start worrying that you might have to give away someone like Upamecano. You won’t, you just need seven rares and a minimum squad rating of 74. 

According to FUTBin, this one should set you back around 5,000 coins on Xbox and about 4,000 coins on PS4 but the answer below should get you under budget. 

Manchester United vs Spurs marquee matchup SBC

Lastly, perhaps the biggest game of this Marquee Matchup week, Manchester United vs Spurs. Again, you’ll need players from the clubs involved as well as the league. 

Don’t worry, though, it isn’t that expensive. It’ll set you back around 5,000 coins for Xbox and 4,000 coins on PS4, but again, we’ve got a cheaper answer. 

If you manage to pack anything decent from the rewards, be sure to let us know with a picture on Twitter, where we can be found under @UltimateTeamUK.

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