FIFA 21 EA Play unlimited hours glitch found, but it will cost you

David Purcell
FIFA 21 EA Play early access screen

The FIFA 21 EA Play early access package is only supposed to grant a 10-hour trial of the new game, but once again players have discovered a way of making it last longer. An unlimited hours glitched has been found. 

The week before release date is always an exciting one for members of the FIFA community, with creators being handed early copies of the game, while the rest of us get to watch along, play on the Web App, and trial our new Ultimate Teams in early access.

That’s not enough for some people, though. With a few days between the launch of EA Play, formerly EA Access, once the trial ends you’re unable to access the title again.

Well, that’s unless you are exploiting a glitch.

FIFA 21 EA Play
EA Play grants a short trial of the publisher’s games before they release, and FIFA 21 is included in that.

FIFA 21 EA Play glitch gives players unlimited hours

In recent years, players have found ways to have EA Access last longer than it’s supposed to, and the same has happened to EA Play.

The glitch is actually pretty simple as well, requiring just a handful of steps to get it right. It’s been discovered by YouTuber itsRevoh, who posted the details on October 2 for all to see.

As seen in the short clip below, itsRevoh reveals he can use up all of the trial hours on his main account, and then use an Ultimate Team Friendlies exploit to get the show back on the road.

He did have to use two EA Play trials, with the second used to constantly top up the main one with 10 hours when it expires, so it’s going to set people back the price of two trial versions to do – which costs £3.99 / $4.99 per month.

It’s not really advisable to exploit bugs like this, just in case EA SPORTS decide to take action against your account or close off your trial afterwards.

There’s also potentially a fix to come out as well, which would put an end to the glitch, but this sort of thing is what members of the community have been using for years.

EA are yet to respond to the problem, although we suspect it won’t be long now before they issue a response. For more FIFA 21 news and guides, follow @UltimateTeamUK.