Gerard Pique packs Ronaldo in FIFA 22 and his celebration is iconic

Alan Bernal
fifa 22 ones to watch gerard pique

Gerard Pique unpacked a fantastic FIFA 22 card, Manchester United talisman and his old Real Madrid rival Cristiano Ronaldo, and the Spanish legend had an iconic response as he celebrated the incredible FUT pull.

Even the world’s biggest football stars play FIFA 22 Ultimate Team to construct and compete with the best eleven they can muster. Pique was digging into the FIFA 22 Ones to Watch selections when he immediately recognized what player he was about to unlock.

As soon as the Barcelona center-back saw he was getting a striker from Portugal, he was already convinced who the player was.

Pique reacts to Ronaldo pull in FUT 22

fifa 22 ones to watch
FIFA 22 Ones to Watch includes players like Ronaldo, Lukaku and more.

The second he saw the United emblem, he got out of his seat to celebrate the Ones to Watch prize with a real-life prize of his own. The FUT animation eventually revealed Ronaldo’s 91-rated card and Pique had to have a smile before going to his personal collection of jerseys to pull out CR7’s jersey.

By the looks of it, Pique showed off Ronaldo’s classic Portugal shirt from the 2012 campaign that fans suspect was given through a jersey exchange.

While most FIFA 22 players would celebrate that pull by exploding off their chairs, the World Cup champion played the moment as cool as a Roy Hudson metaphor.

Pique and Ronaldo have won trophies together and stolen them away from each other during their careers so the Spaniard had to show some respect for his longtime friend.

There’s plenty of great cards in the Ones to Watch collection but it looks like Pique already copped his favorite — and one of the highest-rated too — in FIFA 22.