FIFA 22 TikTok goes viral with worst ever reaction to packing Ronaldo

Andrew Highton

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team sees players earn coins and open packs in the hope of landing the best cards in the game. So it was perplexing to see a popular FIFA TikToker react in a calm, almost negative way towards packing Ronaldo in FUT.

Despite being 36 years of age, Cristiano Ronaldo is still regarded as one of the greatest footballers in the world. His legacy already puts him in the conversation of being the football GOAT, but the Manchester United striker continues to score goals like younger players in their prime. His status and ability consistently earn him a fabulous FIFA 22 Ultimate Team card each season.

FIFA 22 has proved no different with the forward having a very desirable 91-rated card with insanely high stats. The Black Friday promotion has seen a ton of FUT 22 promotions and pack offers, resulting in big players being pulled.

FIFA TikTok lilp23gamer shared a video of them packing Ronaldo on TikTok. However, their reaction was not the excitement seen in many pack opening videos down the years.

an in-game screenshot of cristiano ronaldo in fifa 22
EA Sports
Ronaldo is still a huge pull for FUT players in FIFA 22.

Instead of the player reveling in the fact they had just packed a card worth about 500-600K in the current market, they actually questioned one element of the card.

“Oh, walkout! Portugue…Eurgh bro Ronaldo only has 34 defending?” they commented as the pack animation unfolded. Over the years, players have traditionally burst into a state of euphoria when packing Ronaldo. Yet, the player was more concerned with his low defending attribute.

It’s a really strange reaction as defending is a stat that most players aren’t too concerned with when it comes to strikers.

Yet, lilp23gamer wasn’t completely satisfied with the new addition to his club. It was certainly one of the more unusual reactions to packing Ronaldo that we’ve seen.

For a frame of reference, Cristiano Ronaldo’s former Manchester United teammate Gerard Pique packed the Portuguese forward in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team — and he was far more impressed than lilp23.