FIFA 22 players call for changes to ‘downgrade’ Flashback cards

Nathan Warby
FIFA 22 Flashbacks
EA Sports

Flashback cards have become FUT staples in recent years, giving fans the chance to celebrate their favorite players’ history, but FIFA 22 users are unhappy with how they have been handled in this year’s game.

FUT Flashback SBCs have been fan favorites ever since they were introduced to the FIFA series. These throwbacks take a card from FUT history and drop them into the current game, breathing new life into players that have been forgotten.

These tend to be based on past performance-based cards, such as a Team of Season or Player of the Month. Their boosted stats make them formidable on the pitch and give fans even more options to bolster their squads.

We’ve had plenty of Flashback cards in FIFA 22, from N’golo Kante to the recently announced Georgio Chiellini, but some players feel that this year’s choices have been missed opportunities.

FIFA 22 Karim Benzema Flashback SBC
Flashbacks are throwbacks to old FIFA cards

So far in FIFA 22, most of the cards of this type have been lower-rated versions of players that have good stats already. They usually rejig their sats in an attempt to make them more useable, or in the case of Kante, affordable.

Fans took to Reddit asking EA to use Flashback cards to make fan favorites who are past their best a chance to fit into the FIFA 22 meta. “Kante, Mahrez, Chiellini, etc are all good now, I don’t know why we needed flashback versions of them,” said one player. “Give me the likes of Kevin Prince Boateng all day long, at least it’s something different and fun.”

Other cult heroes like Nani or Richardo Quaresma were also mentioned, whose old special cards terrorized defenses in the early days of Ultimate Team. The feeling among fans seemed to be that giving players who are already high-rated more cards means that everyone’s team is made up of the same names.

FUT players also accused EA of taking the same approach with every Flashback SBC – downgrade the rating but boost meta stats. “Flashback card to EA just means add some pace and drop other stats marginally,” argued one fan.

This has certainly been the case on a number of occasions so far this season. The flashback Benzema released as part of Black Friday featured a huge pace boost at the expense of some of his shooting.

There’s still plenty of time for EA to release more and more Flashback SBCs as the year moves on, but fans will no doubt be hoping for more creative uses of these special cards in the future.