FIFA 22 Create-A-Club explained: Custom kits, crests, stadiums & more

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Players will finally be able to create their own custom clubs in FIFA 22 after years of waiting. We’ve got all the info on this highly-requested new feature right here.

For years football fans have been asking EA for the ability to create and play with their own club in Career Mode. It’s finally arriving for FIFA 22, and with the flood of info before the latest game drops, we know more than ever before about the new feature.

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Devs laid out even more for us in the August Pitch Notes, so let’s take a look at everything coming our way with the Create-A-Club option for Manager Careers.

Create-A-Club: Club identity

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FIFA 22 will let you change everything from your team nickname to the cut of the grass on the pitch.

The very first thing you’ll do to create your own club is to pick the name. In addition, you’ll also choose a nickname to be used by the commentary team.

Following those formalities, you’ll pick which global league you want to play in. You won’t be added as an extra team though. So, in order to make space your next choice is the team from that competition you’d like to replace.

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Any league that’s featured in FIFA 22 will be available to join. Do you want to take on the best of the Premier League? Maybe Battle it out in Bundesliga? It’s up to you.

Finally, a crucial part of any club is their rival, the yin to their yang so to speak. Before you can start customizing your kit, you’ll have to choose one club that your fans and players will have a healthy amount of disrespect for.

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Kit & Crest Customization

Next, you’ll be able to customize your squad’s home and away kits. The pattern of the jersey, the primary and secondary colors, all that good stuff can be changed to your liking.

Crest shape, style, and color can also be swapped out. Outside assets can’t be loaded in for your custom team, however, so your choices are limited to what’s provided in FIFA 22.

If you get tired of your look or just want to switch things up, the good news is you’re not stuck with your kit, crest, and stadium choices forever. Each one can be redone at the beginning of every new season as your career progresses.

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Stadium Customization

It seems like you’ll be able to put just as much detail into your home pitch as you do for the kit and crest. Everything from seat color to the cut of grass to the shape of the nets can be changed to your liking.

Your club’s supporters can be customized too, with EA promising a “wide selection” of goal songs, crowd chants, and walkouts to add another level of uniqueness.

The Stadium Customization feature can also be used for pre-existing clubs that don’t have their own, real-life arena available in-game.

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Squad Builder

Every football team needs one thing above all else: players. The Squad Builder is where you’ll fill your squad out with its starting XI and potential future stars.

Players will have complete control over the average star rating and the average age of players, but you won’t be able to choose them exactly.

One interesting aspect of the Squad Builder is how it chooses what country your players hail from. As EA explains it, the nationality of your generated players is all determined by the makeup of whatever league you choose.

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For example, let’s assume 8% of the players in the MLS are Mexican. Each time a player is generated for your Major League Soccer team, there’ll be an 8% chance they could be from Mexico. This should help it feel like your team actually belongs in the league you choose to play in.

Board Priorities

Last, but definitely not least, you don’t want to overlook your club’s Board Priorities, even though they’re less flashy than kits and crests.

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Board Priorities will help determine the objectives you will receive in all categories as you play. League and regional goals will be influenced by your team’s star rating. Lower-rated teams will fight to avoid relegation, while better clubs will be looking to win it all, or at least finish at the top of the table.

Like we mentioned Create-A-Club has been one of the most-requested features from Career Mode players for years. With FIFA 22 rolling out plenty of customization options, there seem to be plenty of ways to make your club all your own, no matter what you want to do.

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