How to increase your FIFA 22 Career Mode Manager Rating

FIFA 22 Manager Rating guideEA SPORTS

If you want to get selected in your FIFA 22 Player Career, you’ll have to be the best in the eyes of your manager. Therefore, increasing your Manager Rating is a must. Here’s what you can do to boost your manager rating in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

FIFA 22 Career Mode is introducing a bunch of changes to both manager and player careers. However, there’s a definite focus on the latter with all new perks, skill trees, and progression.

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It’s not just a race to 99 player rating and winning all the awards. You’ve got to prove your worth week in, week out, and make sure the gaffer picks you for all the big games.

Therefore, keeping your Manager Rating high is a must. Here’s exactly how you can boost the new feature in FIFA 22 so you always start every match in your player career mode.

FIFA 22 Manager Rating Player Career ModeEA SPORTS
Want to play more games in FIFA 22 Player Career Mode? Impress the gaffer with the new Manager Rating feature.

What is Manager Rating in FIFA 22 Career Mode?

Despite the name, Manager Rating is actually a FIFA 22 Player Career feature. In EA’s words, “Manager Rating is the system that measures your manager’s belief in you as a member of the squad.”

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If you have a high Manager Rating, you’re more likely to be selected in the starting 11. However, if you have a low Manager Rating, you might be relegated to the bench, or left off the team sheet entirely.

It gives you a chance to prove your worth on a top-tier squad, even if you aren’t the best in position. As long as the gaffer has faith in you through good practice, you’ll get some starts.

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The Manager Rating doesn’t just apply to your club, though. It applies to country too. You’ll need to impress your international manager if you want to make starts at big events such as the Euros or the World Cup.

Manager Rating FIFA 22 Career Mode detailsEA SPORTS
Your Manager Rating in FIFA 22 Career Mode will dictate if you get starts or not.

How to boost your Manager Rating in FIFA 22 Career Mode

When you start a player career, you’ll have to quickly gain Manager Rating if you want to be a full-time starter.

This means you have to put in a ton of training, impress in practice, and live up to your reputation on the pitch. Here’s a list of ways that you can improve your Manager Rating.

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  • Perform well in training: The better you train, the more likely you’ll start.
  • Complete your match objectives: If you complete all of your match objectives, you’ll find yourself in the squad every week.
  • Win awards: Player of the Match, Team of the Week, Player of the Month ⁠— all of these awards will go a long way in keeping you in your manager’s good books.
  • Stick to your position: If you change your position later on in your career, your Manager Rating will reset.
Match Objectives FIFA 22 Career Mode Manager RatingEA SPORTS
If you complete your match objectives, your Manager Rating will increase.

If you do well, you’ll get plenty of starts. However, if you fall out of favor, you might be loan or transfer listed to a worse club.

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