FIFA 20 Season 7 Storyline cards & in-game stats revealed

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Six brand-new storyline cards have been revealed in FIFA 20 as season seven has gotten underway. Here, you can check out all of their in-game stats and how to get your hands on them.

As FIFA 20 Ultimate Team has progressed, the game has changed between seasons – almost like a battle pass in other games. Fans can earn XP in a variety of different ways and as they level up, they unlock different rewards.

These prizes are things like tifos and themes that you can deck out a stadium with, cheap packs, and coin boosts so that you can bank some more cash from matches. Yet, for the most dedicated of players, you can grab some special cards.

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Emmanuel Sabbi FIFA 20 Storyline card in-game stats

There are three cards to unlock at level 15 and then another three at level 30 – hut you can only pick one of each. With the start of season seven, the level 15 cards are Emmanual Sabbi, Miranda, and Gil Dias. At level 30 you can get Gabriel Jesus, Julian Draxler, and Blaise Matuidi. 

Focusing on Sabbi for a start, the 89-rated American midfielder has lightning pace with 95 in both sprint speed and acceleration. His 90 dribbling, as well as 99 in both agility and balance, should make him a tricky customer to deal with. 

Sabbi’s Storyline card can easily beat defenders.

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Miranda FIFA 20 Storyline card in-game stats

Schalke’s left-back Miranda, not to be confused with the Brazilian legend, has an 88-rated card but might just be the weakest of the level 15 selections.

The Spaniard has 92 sprint speed so he can keep up with some quick wingers and can deliver pinpoint crosses with his 98 crossing. However, 88 defensive awareness and 72 strength might mean that he is beaten by his man quite regularly. 

Miranda is a solid choice of the cards on offer.

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Gil Dias FIFA 20 Storyline card in-game stats

The last level 15 offering is Giranda’s Portuguese winger Gil Dias. Like the other two cards, he has plenty of pace – 96 sprint speed, to be exact – but only 88 stamina. 

Unlocking Dias should give you pretty in the final third, however, as he clocks in with 94 shot power and long shots. Though, he will get back and defend with his high/high work rate. 

Gil Dias has an all-round solid card.

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Julian Draxler FIFA 20 Storyline card in-game stats

When you move into the level 30 cards, the first one that stands out is PSG’s Julian Draxler. The German midfielder is always a nice card to have in FUT, and his new card is no different. 

99 shot power, 95 long shots, 90 sprint speed, 94 short passing, and 98 ball control all make him a perfect cheap CAM to grab ahold of – especially so late in the day in FIFA 20.

Draxler is a tricky number ten.

Gabriel Jesus FIFA 20 Storyline card in-game stats

Aside from Draxler, you also have the chance to get Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus. The Brazilian’s base card is a deadly striker in his own right, but 93 finishing takes his storyline card to another level.

On top of that, he also has 96 acceleration and 91 sprint speed – so he can easily break a defensive backline. One knock he does have, however, is his 71 strength and 86 shot power. They could be much better for a player of his stature.

Gabriel Jesus will be leathal in front of goal.

Blaise Matuidi FIFA 20 Storyline card in-game stats

The final level 30 card that you can unlock in season seven is Juventus’ Blaise Matuidi. The French midfielder is usually a bit of a destroyer and his 96 interceptions, 97 aggression, and 99 stamina tell a similar story.

His attacking stats aren’t great, but 92 shot power means he is to be respected in forward positions. 95 composure and 97 short passing will allow him to dictate the pace of a game as well. 

Matuidi, as always, is a powerhouse in FIFA.

Obviously, as you can only have one card from each level, the choice is up to you at the end of the day.

If you manage to grind out enough XP to hit the level 30 jackpot, be sure to let us know who you pick via our Twitter account @UltimateTeamUK.

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