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FIFA 20 81+ Double Upgrade SBC: Requirements, solutions, cost

Published: 2/Jun/2020 17:25

by Jacob Hale


While the Team of the Season So Far continues to slowly roll out in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, giving each major league’s top players a huge ratings boost, EA SPORTS are also offering non-TOTSSF SBCs for players to complete.

The TOTS So Far SBCs tend to be fairly costly ventures, which makes sense given the fact that you’re getting some of the best cards in the game from them.

To make sure that everyone has a chance at completing SBCs and earning decent rewards, EA SPORTS have released the 81+ Double Upgrade SBC, gifting players the opportunity to earn two 81+ rated Rare Gold players.


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Ligue 1’s Team of the Season So Far features two 98-rated players in Neymar and Mbappe.

SBCs throughout the TOTS So Far period have been many and varied. For each TOTS that arrives in the game, a number of SBCs come with it, including several specific players as well as “upgrade” challenges, such as the recent Ligue 1 Upgrade SBC which allows players the opportunity to pick up the likes of Neymar or Mbappe for below market price.

The issue is that these are often expensive and sometimes the reward isn’t worth it, so that’s where the 81+ Double Upgrade steps in, giving you more chance at getting a decent player at a much lower cost.


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How to complete 81+ Double Upgrade SBC in FIFA 20

Deadline and Requirements

With this SBC, you can exchange a squad for a pack with Two Rare Gold Players rated 81 or higher.

Here are the requirements needed to complete the challenge, and it doesn’t look too strenuous:

  • Rare: Exactly 11
  • Player Level: Exactly Gold
  • Team Chemistry: Min 50
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

As you can tell, all you really need is 11 Gold players – the chemistry is easy to achieve and this can easily be done on a tight budget.

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Cost and solution

According to the database of completed challenges on FUTBIN, this really is a cheap SBC to complete, clocking in at around 10,000 coins.

Obviously, when these SBCs arrive there is always some fluctuation in card prices, but the below team has come out as the cheapest solution to the challenge, at 9,850 coins on PS4 and 10,750 on Xbox One at the time of writing.


This is the cheapest solution at the time of writing.

Evidently, this isn’t the one squad that you have to use, and if you’ve got any cards in your club that might work, or an idea of who you can fit in here for cheaper, you might be on to a winner at an even lower cost.

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It’s worth noting that as these are only 81+ upgrades, the chances of getting a seriously good card isn’t all that high, and is even lower if you’re hoping to get a TOTSSF card.

Regardless, for 10,000 coins, it might just be worth trying your luck, because you never know – this could be a real money-spinner if it works out for you.