EA reveals anti-cheat system for FIFA 23

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FIFA 23 marks the first opportunity for PC players to experience next-gen gameplay, and EA didn’t stop there. The developers also announced a long overdue anti-cheat system is coming.

Up until now, FIFA has been a less-than-perfect experience on PC. Marred by missing features and hacking problems, most players opt for the console versions.

FIFA 23 finally brings PC players into the next-gen era, introducing Hypermotion2 Technology, women’s club teams, and cross-play. For FIFA 22, only PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players experienced next-gen gameplay.

Unfortunately, EA still slightly holds back PC players.

For instance, FIFA 23’s cross-platform FUT Transfer Market is only restricted to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia users. The Nintendo Switch and PC still have their own Transfer Markets.

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But, in a surprise showing of love to the PC community, EA announced a new anti-cheat system.

EA announces new anti-cheat system for FIFA 23

Van Dijk in FIFA 23EA SPORTS
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is shaping up to be the biggest yet.

In a blog post, EA stated, “PC cheat developers have increasingly moved into the kernel, so we need to have kernel-mode protections to ensure fair play and tackle PC cheat developers on an even playing field. “

The EA AntiCheat (EAAC) prevents external files and software from being injected into the game. Any software modifications or community mods will not work.

Players responded positively to the announcement. One user said, “this was greatly needed, good addition.”

Another player added, “EAAC being kernel level is pretty huge news. That’s a massive plus in terms of anti-cheat capability.”

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Several players reported previous issues in the FUT 22 Draft mode. Players would be kicked from the match after completing a draft, entering a game, and then receiving a loss.

EAAC will hopefully address that issue. A third user responded, “as someone who just got a steam deck and tried to play some draft on 22, this is excellent news!

EA only confirmed the anti-cheat system for PC players.