FIFA 23 players demand urgent FUT Champs fix over “invisible team” hack

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FIFA 23 community members are urging players to turn off cross-play as a surge in cheaters plagues Ultimate Team.

EA introduced a new anti-cheat (EAAC) in FIFA 23 to crack down on PC cheating problems. The system was designed to prevent external files and software from being injected into the game. Third-party applications should have no way to alter the game, but cheaters still found a way around the new feature.

In October, FIFA 23 players flamed the anti-cheat for allowing cheaters to kick players from games. A cheating service surfaced online, claiming to offer players the ability to alter player stats, teleport and freeze the ball, and gift instant wins.

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FIFA on PC has a long history of cheating concerns, but some community members believe the issue has reached unprecedented heights.

FIFA 23 players blast invisible FUT Champs glitch

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FIFA 23 players recommend turning off cross-play to deal with the cheating problem.

A FIFA 23 player showed video evidence of a cheater using an invisible team in a Weekend League match.

The cheater’s entire team turned invisible, making it impossible for the opposing player to attack or defend. Using the glitch, the cheater easily stole the ball and scored a quick goal. The user who posted the clip also claims they were disconnected from the match after the first goal.

One user responded, “the anti-cheat is so bad. It only really works when it’s PC vs. PC. When it is PC vs. console, and the PC user is hacking, it allows them to get away with it.”

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A second player added, “This is so annoying to see. I don’t get why people need to cheat on a football game.”

Community members urged console players to turn off cross-play so they won’t come up against cheaters on PC.

A third player claimed, “turning off cross-play improved my experience a decent bit,” so it might be worth investigating that if you are running into invisible teams.

We will provide an update if the developers address the cheating situation.