Fallout devs shoot down New Vegas 2 rumors with cheeky message

fallout new vegas headerObsidian Entertainment

Obsidian Entertainment, the developers behind 2010’s Fallout: New Vegas, shoot down rumors it is developing a sequel.

October 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of the Fallout series, and Bethesda is planning to celebrate the milestone in various ways, including giveaways, sales, and more throughout the month.

However, news on a new Fallout title has been very scarce, as Bethesda’s currently hard at work on both Starfield and the Elder Scrolls 6.

Now, developer Obsidian, the creators behind the critically acclaimed Fallout: New Vegas have confirmed through a cheeky tweet that the team is not actively working on New Vegas 2.

Obsidian confirms it’s not working on Fallout: New Vegas sequel

The message came directly from Obsidian’s official Twitter account, which quote-retweeted Bethesda’s 25th-anniversary celebration video.

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The tweet wished a happy anniversary to the original Fallout and called it “A franchise whose roots helped form us and a world we truly love.”

However, Obsidian ended the tweet with, “And before anyone asks, our plates are pretty full right now, so no.”

To many Fallout fans, it was quite obvious that Obsidian was referring to one of two things: a sequel to Fallout: New Vegas or a New Vegas remake of some kind.

Unfortunately for fans, it seems neither of those projects is in the cards — at least not from Obsidian.

This likely comes as a major blow to fans of both Fallout and Obsidian, considering that earlier this year, Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb claimed to have insider info that there was “a lot of interest” between Microsoft and Obsidian partnering to make Fallout: New Vegas 2.

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Still, it’s undeniable that Obsidian has its plate full with the current projects the developer is working on.

With Grounded still getting updates and three upcoming titles in the works in the form of Pentiment, Avowed, and The Outer Worlds 2, Obsidian is undoubtedly quite busy.

Though Fallout: New Vegas lives on in spirit through The Outer Worlds, it doesn’t seem like Obsidian has plans to revisit the irradiated Mojave Desert anytime soon.