Fallout players convinced this will be Starfield’s first Easter egg

Lawrence Scotti
Starfield Fallout

Fallout fans believe they have found the first no-brainer Easter egg for Starfield in a potential crossover between the two Bethesda RPG franchises.

Starfield is Bethesda Game Studios’ next massive new RPG title that was finally revealed in July’s Xbox and Bethesda’s Showcase.

The Showcase revealed gameplay and an expansive character creation menu for the outer-space shooter, leaving fans chomping at the bit for info.

Although the shooter isn’t slated to come out until 2023, players are already predicting what big Easter Eggs will be in the game from Fallout, and they may have discovered an obvious one.

starfield ship combatStarfield players can pilot their ships and engage in dog fights.

Fallout fans predict Starfield Easter Eggs

A post on the Starfield subreddit gained traction for predicting what the game’s first Easter egg will be, and it may be an obvious one.

User Menimex wrote, “It’s a vast galaxy. Would love to see this easter egg in Starfield,” with a picture of the Zetans ship UFO from Fallout attached.

Since Starfield is going to have customizable ships and intergalactic travel, there’s potential for a UFO appearance that ties back to the Fallout franchise’s use of UFOs and aliens.

Another user said of a potential Fallout UFO appearing in Starfield, “It would be really silly for them to miss this easter egg out. Even if it’s just a crashed UFO on some unknown planet waiting to be found.”

The Fallout games are jam-packed with nods to other properties like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, and The Elder Scrolls franchise.

Users in the comment section continued to make predictions for what nods to Fallot will make it into Starfield.

One wrote, “I’m just ready for sweet rolls,” a callback to Fallout 3’s Old Lady Palmer and her sweet rolls at the very beginning of the game.

byu/menimex from discussion

Whether it’s a UFO or just some sweet rolls, Fallout fans see a great opportunity for crossover content in Starfield.

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