Best Fallout New Vegas console commands on PC

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Fallout New Vegas console commands

The Fallout New Vegas console commands are incredibly useful. Here are the best ones you can use to enhance your wasteland wandering.

The Fallout New Vegas console commands have helped maintain the games longevity, as despite coming out in 2010, the title is still very popular on PC. The game’s development was farmed out to Obsidian while Bethesda worked on projects like Skyrim. Yet the Courier’s adventure through the Mojave Wasteland remains one of the most celebrated Fallout experiences of all time.

Console commands help players tailor the experience to their liking, serving as cheats in some cases and quick fixes in others. To open the console, players need to press the backquote key (‘) or (~). These two symbols share the same key.


Fallout New Vegas console commands 2
VATs gunplay in Fallout New Vegas is still satisfying.

This will pause the game and make the UI disappear and be replaced by a small cursor at the bottom left corner of the screen. This is where players can type in their console commands – unique codes that make a change to the game.

After typing each console command, players need to press enter to verify their decision. This may bring up a notification to confirm the code was successful, but not always.

Best Fallout New Vegas console commands

Here’s a breakdown of all the most useful console commands you can use and what each one does:

Code Effect
tgm God mode code. Provides Infinite health, encumbrance, and infinite ammo.
tdm Demigod mode code. Just infinite health and encumbrance.
tfc Toggles free camera.
tm Toggles UI and menus on and off.
tcl No clipping mode, allows player to phase through the environment.
tmm 1 Adds all map markers.
tmm o Removes all map markets
Killall All NPCs, enemies and animals nearby are killed.
set timescale to <#> Speeds up or slows down in-game time. Put this to 30 to reset to default.

Spawn in-game items/characters

The Fallout New Vegas console commands can also be used to spawn enemies and items. The only complication is you need to know that item/enemy’s individual ID. The good news is all IDs can be found here.

To use each code, bring up the console and type: player.additem followed by a space, the ID, another space then the quantity. It should look something like this:

For example: player.additem 0013BF53 1

If you typed the above into the console, you’d be the proud owner of the villainous Caesar’s armor.

By typing: player.removeitem

Fallout 76 cryptid guide
The Brotherhood of Steel also make an appearance in Fallout New Vegas.

Weapon codes

If you’re in mood to spawn some weapons or armor, then these are the codes you need:

Weapon Code
Lucky revolver 000e2c86
Mysterious Magnum 00127c6c
Li’l Devil pistol xx000805
Anti-materiel Rifle 0008f21c
Assault Carbine (GRA) 0008f21e
Christine’s CoS silencer rifle xx0112ba
Silenced .22 SMG 0008f218
Sturdy Caravan Shotgun 001735e3
Minigun 0000433f
Alien blaster 00004322
Euclid’s C-Finder 0014eb3c
Pew Pew laser rifle 00103b1d
Flamer 0000432d
Plasma caster 000906cf
Tesla cannon 000e2bec
Fat Man 0000432c
Mercy 0015fff4
Missile Launcher 00004340
Chainsaw 0015fe44
Power Fist 00004347

Armor codes

Armor Code
Brotherhood T-45b power armour 00075201
T45d power armour 00014e13
Combat armour (reinforced) 00126500
NCR Ranger combat armour 00129254
Stealth Suit Mk II xx00c12f
Advanced Radiation suit 0003307a


Fallout New Vegas console commands 4
Fallout New Vegas features console commands that allows you to bend factions like the NCR to your will.

Console commands to change the player

These codes allow you to make changes to your playable character:

Fallout New Vegas faction reputation codes

The following codes help you raise your fame or notoriety with each of the games factions. Bascially, this will allow you to make them thing highly of your – or want to shoot you on sight.


Code Effect
setscale 1 is the default number. The higher the number, the bigger you’ll become. If you put anything like -1 you’ll shrink your character.
setlevel X Put whichever level you’d like to be in the X.
rewardxp 15000 Gives 15,000 XP.
sexchange Changes your character’s gender.
showracemenu Change your character’s race.
showbarbermenu Change your character’s hairstyle.
shownamemenu Change your character’s name.
addperk Add a perk. Replace the
removeperk Take a perk away.
setav speedmult X The X is your character’s speed. 100 is default speed, go as fast or slow as you desire.

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