Obsidian’s Grounded: Platforms, trailer, plot & everything we know

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Grounded is a new survival game from Obsidian, about a group of kids who get shrunk down to the size of insects.

Those who grew up in the 1990’s will find the premise of Grounded rather familiar – a group of children get shrunk and must survive the dangers of the garden while befriending and fighting off a variety of insects. This is remarkably similar to the plot of 1989’s Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and its sequels.

These movies, and others, such as A Bug’s Life, all served as inspiration for Grounded, and the game will borrow various elements from each. Here’s everything we know about Obsidian’s Grounded.


grounded co-op
Grounded will feature 4 player co-op.

Does Grounded have a release date?

Grounded released on early access in July 2020, with its full release planned for September, 2022.

No concrete date has been announced as of yet.


Grounded is only slated to release on Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Grounded will also release on day one on Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

PlayStation and Nintendo platforms are unlikely to be included due to the game being published by Xbox Game Studios and developed by Obsidian.

grounded combat
Players will need to craft weapons to defend themselves from predators.

Grounded Trailers

We’ll keep track of all of the Grounded trailers below:

Announcement Trailer

Xbox Showcase 2022 Trailer

Gameplay and setting

Upon finding themselves shrunk and lost in the garden, which now resembles a dangerous jungle, a team of four players will need to cooperate to survive in this hostile environment. They’ll need to scavenge food and locate dew drops to stay hydrated.

Players will need to avoid bugs like spiders, who will attack and eat them on sight. In fact, players will be able to toggle the Arachnophobia settings to set how dangerous and scary the spiders are.

Luckily, it will also be possible to befriend other creepy-crawlies like ladybugs, who’ll be able to aid them and even lead them to food sources.

Finally, players will be able to gather the ingredients to craft weapons and tools such as axes bows, and spears as the game’s difficulty level gradually increases.

So that’s everything we know so far about Grounded. For more on the biggest upcoming releases, check out our pages on some of the most-anticipated games that have been announced:

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