All bobblehead locations in Fallout 4

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All bobbleheads in Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, Bobbleheads are 20 special items spread across the vast open world. Each bobblehead in the game boosts specific stats and traits of the player and here is how you can find them all.

Fallout 4 has a total of 20 bobbleheads in the form of the iconic vault boys in different poses and forms representing different stats such as strength or perception.

While collecting these items is an adventure in itself, you also get different upgrades and perks with each bobblehead. So, if you’re wondering where to find each collectible in the game, here’s the exact location of every bobblehead in the game.


Fallout 4: All bobblehead locations

Strength Bobblehead – Mass Fusion Building

The Strength Bobblehead can be found in one of the biggest landmarks in the Commonwealth, the Mass Fusion building. You can find it on the topmost floor on a metal wall sculpture right above the lobby desk.

The Strength Bobblehead permanently increases your Strength by 1.

Perception Bobblehead – Museum of Freedom

The Perception Bobblehead can be found in the Museum of Freedom in a room where we meet Preston Garvey and his Minutemen for the first time. You can find it on a desk inside the room.

The Perception Bobblehead permanently increases your Perception by 1.

Endurance Bobblehead – Poseidon Energy

The Endurance Bobblehead can be found on a metal desk inside the Poseidon Energy Building. Just head inside the building and walk down the catwalk to find the desk.

The Endurance Bobblehead permanently increases your Endurance by 1.

Charisma Bobblehead – Parsons State Insane Asylum

You can find the Charisma Bobblehead inside the Parsons State Insane Asylum. However, you can’t enter the asylum unless you’ve finished The Secret of the Cabot House sidequest.

Once, you have finished the sidequest just enter the asylum and head to Jack’s office in the administrative area where you will find the bobblehead placed on his desk.

The Charisma Bobblehead permanently increases your Charisma by 1.

Intelligence Bobblehead – Boston Public Library

The Intelligence Bobblehead can be found in a mechanical room located inside the Boston Public Library. You can unlock the door to the main entrance to the Boston Public Library by passing an easy speech check with the intercom. You can also enter through the subway station which is located North of the library.

Once you’re inside, head to the Northwest side of the library to find the bobblehead placed on top of a computer.

The Intelligence Bobblehead permanently increases your Intelligence by 1.

Agility Bobblehead – Wreck of the FMS Northern Star

The Agility Bobblehead is found on the frontmost part of the wreck of the FMS Northern Star. Once you’re in the ship head to the bow of the ship to find the special item on the corner of a plank.

The Agility Bobblehead permanently increases your Agility by 1.

Luck Bobblehead – Spectacle Island

You can find the Luck Bobblehead on Spectacle Island which is pretty close to the wreck of the Northern Star. To find it, look for a green boat and head to its second floor where you will find the item in a locker door.

The Luck Bobblehead permanently increases your Luck by 1.

Barter Bobblehead – Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery

To find this bobblehead, head inside Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery and keep going up until you reach a metal shack with broken windows. You will find the Barter Bobblehead placed on top of a computer on a table.

The Barter Bobblehead permanently. makes prices 5% better

Big Guns Bobblehead – Vault 95

You can find the Big Guns Bobblehead in Vault 95 in the northern residential sector. You can find it in the northernmost bedroom on top of a radio.

The Big Guns Bobblehead gives you a permanent +25% critical damage gain with heavy weapons.

Energy Weapons Bobblehead – Fort Hagen

You can find the Energy Weapons Bobblehead in the kitchen are of Fort Hagen. However, you will need to complete the Reunions quest to be able to access the area.

Once you’re inside, go to the Command Center and keep heading southwest to find the kitchen where you will find the bobblehead on a table.

The Energy Weapons Bobblehead gives you a permanent +25% critical damage gain with energy weapons.

Explosives Bobblehead – Saugus Ironworks

You can find the Explosives Bobblehead in a factory in the Commonwealth called the Saugus Ironworks. However, to be able to get the bobblehead you will need to defeat a bunch of raiders and their leader Slag.

Once you have defeated them, head to the blast furnace room using the second-floor catwalk. You will then reach the Saucus blast furnace, head inside and take the catwalk up another level to find the bobblehead.

The Explosives Bobblehead permanently increases damage dealt from explosives by 15%.

The Lock Picking Bobblehead can be found in the Pickman Gallery which is a large brick building located in Northern Boston.

Once you’re inside, keep going down into the tunnels. You will find the bobblehead in the same room you will meet Pickman right next to a trash can.

The Lock Picking Bobblehead permanently makes lockpicking easier.

Medicine Bobblehead – Vault 81

To find the Medicine Bobblehead, head into Vault 81 in the Commonwealth. However, you will need to complete the Hole in the Wall quest to be able to access the location.

Once you’re inside just go to the second floor on the Southern side and keep going up until you find Curie’s office. The bobblehead will be on a table next to a computer.

The Medicine Bobblehead permanently increases Stimpak healing by 10%.

Melee Bobblehead – Trinity Tower

The Melee Bobblehead is located at the very top of the Trinity Tower. You can find the bobblehead in the very same room where Rex Goodman and Strong are being held captive. You can find it sitting on a workbench.

The Melee Bobblehead gives you a permanent +25% critical damage gain with melee weapons.

Repair Bobblehead – Corvega Assembly Plant

The Repair Bobblehead is located on a walkway in the Corvega Assembly Plant. Once you’re inside, head to the highest catwalk outside of the building.

You will find the bobblehead on a walkway around the blue sphere with the Corvega sign on it.

The Repair Bobblehead permanently makes your fusion cores last 10% longer.

Science Bobblehead – Malden Middle School

You can find the Science Bobblhead in the Malden Middle School which also happens to be where Vault 75 is located.

You can enter the vault through the basement, once you’re inside, keep going up until you reach level three of the basement. Enter the office opposite the training area to find the bobblehead on the table.

The Science Bobblehead gives you one extra guess when hacking terminals.

Small Guns Bobblehead – Gunners Plaza

To find the Small Guns Bobblehead, head to the Gunners Plaza which is a radio building with TV towers and a huge core as a sculpture. You can find the item on the first floor in the broadcaster’s room sitting on top of a desk.

The Small Guns Bobblehead gives you a permanent +25% critical damage gain with ballistic guns.

Sneak Bobblehead – Dunwich Borers

You can find the Sneak Bobblehead in a marble quarry called the Dunwich Borers. Just keep going in deep into the quarry to find the bobblehead under a “4” sign on a table.

The Sneak Bobblehead permanently makes you 10% harder to detect.

Speech Bobblehead – Park Street Station

Fallout 4’s Speech Bobblehead is located in the Park Street Station which also serves as an entrance to Vault 114. Once you’re inside head into the Overseer’s Office which is also the location where Nick Valentine is held hostage. The special item will be on top of a table in the middle of the room.

The Speech Bobblehead permanently gives vendors 100 more caps for bartering.

Unarmed Bobblehead – Atom Cats Garage

The Unarmed Bobblehead is quite easy to find. All you have to do is head to the Atom Cats Garage and look for the main garage where you will find an old rusted car. The bobblehead is on top of the car.

The Unarmed Bobblehead gives you a permanent +25% critical damage gain with unarmed attacks.

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