Summit1g hits out at Escape from Tarkov’s overpowered Scavs

Summit1g Escape from TarkovBattlestate Games, Twitter: Summit1g

Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar has become one of Escape from Tarkov’s most famous faces, but in a recent stream he slammed the FPS title’s AI Scavs for being overpowered.

Summit1g and Escape from Tarkov have a long history. With the game rising to prominence at the end of 2019, Summit was one of many streamers to break through to Tarkov fame. While never having stuck to one game in his career, Summit and the FPS go somewhat hand in hand.

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Well, that’s until recently. In a recent stream the former CSGO pro explained that he was unlikely to return to the game due to it being “stressful.”

While the Twitch star has decided to give the game another whirl, he wasn’t exactly satisfied with the current state of the game.

Summit1g looking at cameraSummit1g, Twitch
It doesn’t seem like the Twitch streamer is happy with the EFT meta.

Summit slams EFT’s AI

While Summit has returned to Tarkov over the past couple of days, he’s continued to be disappointed by the game’s inconsistencies when it comes to AI, specifically the Scavs.

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Seen targeting one of the game’s bandits and narrowly missing a couple of headshots, Summit is instantly deleted by a shot that travels through a tree. It’s clear immediately that he’s not pleased.

Later in the stream he attacks the issue head on, asking “do you know what the joke is about this game? It’s that Scavs hit you full moving from any distance… maybe when a Scav f*cking moves he gets a little bit of a decrease on f*cking accuracy or something just like players f*cking do.”

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“The amount of time I’ve been strafing shotgun from so f*cking far is just stupid, through f*cking trees no doubt where they can’t f*cking see me.” He then concludes that “their AI sucks d*ck in this game.”

It seems as though the streamer is reaching the end of the line with Tarkov’s confusing balancing system. Maybe the new patch, which wipes characters and introduces new guns and a map expansion to the game will reignite his passion for the shooter, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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