Dr Disrespect likely banned from $300K World Series of Warzone tournament over Twitch ties

Theo Salaun
dr disrespect world series of warzone banTwitter, @DrDisrespect / Activision

Bad news for fans of violence, speed, and momentum. According to the World Series of Warzone ruleset and Twitch partnership, it seems that Dr Disrespect will be banned from the $1.2 million tournament.

Dr Disrespect hasn’t been winning many Warzone tournaments, but it’s a spectacle when he participates and fans have loved his involvement. Unfortunately, with Warzone being such a popular category on Twitch, Doc’s history has prevented him from getting much air time during the biggest events.

Now, Warzone is getting its biggest event series of all time: the World Series of Warzone, which has a $1.2 million prize pool and puts 150 streamers, pro players, and content creators in private lobbies. And it looks like Doc will be prevented from participating, let alone getting any air time.

Based on his infamous permaban from Twitch, alongside the WSOW’s exclusivity deal with Twitch Rivals, the ruleset is concerning. While full players haven’t been announced, it seems highly unlikely that the Two-Time will make the cut.

Dr Disrespect Warzone stream rageYouTube: Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect is one of the biggest names in streaming, even after his Twitch ban.

After being permanently banned from Twitch, Doc is now on YouTube and Twitch streamers are not allowed to have him involved in their streams at all. In the past, accidental Doc involvement has even led to drama.

Now, Twitch Rivals is partnering with the WSOW and that isn’t good news for Doc fans. For one, the ruleset asserts that all players “shall broadcast their gameplay exclusively on the streaming platform designated.”

Additionally, the ruleset also explains that all participants must “be in good standing with respect to the applicable broadcast platform on which the WSOW Tournament is distributed.”

World Series of WarzoneActivision
The World Series of Warzone event features one of the biggest prize pools we’ve ever seen for the battle royale title.

Putting all of the above information together, it’s hard to imagine a way for Dr Disrespect to get in on the WSOW action.

Of course, things can change should Activision and Twitch come to an agreement regarding the Doc’s “standing” with the streaming platform. If that does happen, we’ll be all over it — but, until then, fans may have to keep wondering what happened between the Two-Time and Twitch.