Yung Gravy says Sheri Easterling is “embarrassed” by Monty Lopez drama

Virginia Glaze
Yung Gravy opens up on Sheri Addison Rae drama

Rapper Yung Gravy opened up about his relationship with Sheri Easterling, claiming the TikTok-famous mom is “embarrassed” by the actions of her ex-husband, Monty Lopez.

TikTok star Addison Rae is currently embroiled in a viral internet feud involving her mother, Sheri Easterling, and her father, Monty Lopez.

Things kicked off when it was revealed that Lopez had purportedly been cheating on Easterling with a younger woman, who exposed their relationship in a series of damning Instagram posts.

Shortly thereafter, American rapper Yung Gravy publicly flirted with Sheri Easterling on several occasions — prompting Lopez to challenge the music artist to a boxing match (which Gravy notably declined).

Since then, Gravy and Sheri have basically made their relationship public after sharing a smooch at the 2022 VMAs… and he says that his new girlfriend is pretty embarrassed by her ex-hubby.

Yung Gravy Sheri Easterling VMAs

Yung Gravy opened up about his relationship with Sheri on the ‘Sofia with an F’ podcast, where he revealed how the TikTok mom really feels about the ongoing events in her life.

Yung Gravy reveals how family drama is affecting Addison Rae

“She’s hot. She likes me. Her ex-husband’s crazy. It’s all good,” he said. “We have a fling. Basically, at this point — I talk to her, and she’s really sweet. She’s a sweetheart. She’s embarrassed about her ex-husband. It’s hard for her. And I think it’s really rubbing off on Addison.”

“I haven’t talked to Addison enough to know, but I just know that Sheri seems to have the best intentions and basically, Monty’s f**king everything up. …I just feel bad for Addison. I know that her mom cares a lot about her. Hopefully it all works out.”

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This podcast came in the midst of a huge statement made by Monty over the weekend, who claimed that Sheri had allegedly prevented him from seeing his daughter from a previous relationship — a statement that was backed up by his current girlfriend, TikToker Ava Louise.